NHL Free Agent List Looks Good or Does It?

Shawn OwensAnalyst IJune 7, 2016

Think about this.  The list of free agents or shall I say good free agents that are available are about 30 deep. Some of the names on the list are big names that have the opportunity to cash in on what could be some of the free agents final BIG Contracts.

I remember Phil Esposito saying one time, "paying big dollar for a free agent doesn't guarantee you they will perform for what they are being paid.” Good thought Phil. We have all seen the big dollars get dropped for a player with a name and reputation and they show up and don't play to their potential.

Which leads me to think, if these players are going for the big buck, is that the type of player that is going to jell in the locker room and be a team first type player? I say this because the free agency market is a bunch of names, most of which haven't been big winners on "TEAMS" but have been good individual players.

Here is how I see a few of the top 30 free agents.

Marian Hossa - Did a nice job fitting in with Pittsburgh. A bit older than the nucleus of that team and I am sure was a good person the younger guys could look up to.
Mats Sundin - Besides Team Sweden, Mats has been a Leaf for an awful long time. Character guy who understands the meaning of team. Would be an excellent roll player to a team on the verge.

Joe Sakic- Burnaby Joe. He is the kind of guy you may want to get for the playoff run. He is getting up there in age and would be a nice pick up as a goal scorer for the playoffs but even as an agitator to other top line players on opposing teams.

Brian Campbell- Would be a great pick up for any team. My question is, if he is so sort after, why doesn't San Jose lock him up? They are the team to beat in the West......so I keep reading. Detroit however is holding Lord Stanley.

Jaromir Jagr - Well what can you say about him. He needs to win now. I can't see how he will be around much longer. It is almost like he is bored with the NHL? He sure wouldn't hurt any team.

Cristobal Huet - Washington should lock him up now. Although I am always skeptical on goalies who haven't won anything.

Brian Rolston - Could be the pick of the litter. Team guy. Great two-way player. Has won Stanley Cups before. This could be a great pick up for a team looking to fill a solid 2nd line spot.

Markus Naslund- Here is an interesting option. He most definitely is a leader and a good locker room guy. Captain material again and again. Solid player who kind of reminds me of excuse the Basketball reference - Ray Allen. A real good player but a piece of the puzzle not "THE" piece.

Brendan Shannahan - Interesting. A player’s player. Get dirty and let me do it kind of guy. Because of his age, I would only look at him playing half the games so he is fresh going into a playoff run. Would be a great fit for a team trying to make it to the next level in a division final.

Sergi Fedorov - Stay right where you are. The Capitals are the best fit for you right now. Work off of the vibe the Capitals created going into the playoffs. Washington is finally a good spot to play in.