The Real Deal On Gabby's Beating & Where Was His Teammates!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2010

For over a hundred years now there has been ice hockey and during that time fighting has been involved!

As far as I can remember, coaches have tried to pair their fourth line players against a teams first line players. Of course this was at a time when the fourth line was really the fourth line and not what we have in today’s hockey.

The forth line was brawlers, big time checkers, heavy hitters, the biggest players in hockey and they were feared by every team. Their purpose was to not only put fear into the eyes of their opponents, but to hurt them with big monstrous checks and when able, to beat the day lights out of anyone who will dare drop the gloves against them. Yes, anyone!

Hockey by far is one of the most physical sports there is. It takes endurance, stamina, a great deal of practice, determination, strength and most important, you need to be tough and be able to handle getting checked by guys that weight 250 lbs that are rock solid.

Bouncing off the ice from a hard check is no fun. The ice is like a brick wall, and the wall does not move when a human being gets slammed  into it. Some guys are not as tough as others. Some players have been in the league for twenty years and never had a fight. Some players live for and earn their living by destroying everyone that gets in their way.

On an occasion you get a rookie that tries to make a name for him self, or tries to make the team and he picks a fight with a tough guy. No one cries about that, no one says oh why did the tough guy fight him. What they say is here is a young player doing everything he can to make the team.

But tonight the New York Rangers faced a more dominate team in terms of toughness and size. During this game the Rangers were being out played and they tried to get physical, they tried to crash the net and give Ray Emery a few bumps along the way, they tried to get under the skin of the Philadelphia Flyers players and they even tried to beat them at their own game. The fight game!

Throughout this game Rangers head Coach John Tortorella tried to match up his first unit, he main scoring line, against the Flyers fourth line. Thinking that his players would have the advantage of speed and quickness, along with scoring talent.

Then in the second period, the unexpected happen. Unexpected to many, but i saw this coming a long time ago. Rangers superstar Marion Gaborik gets pulverized by Philadelphia bad boy and tough guy Daniel Carcillo. The announcer couldn’t believe what happen, Rangers Coach was outraged, the Ranger players were irate and wanted revenge. Coach Tortorella called Carcillo a brave guy { sarcastically } and said Carcillo had no honor , Marc Staal called it unprofessional.  But i bet you anything if Aaron Voros or Sean Avery was able to get Syd the kid Crosby to drop the gloves, Marc Staal would be signing a different tune!

Back in the day, the benches would have been cleared, and the ice would have been covered with gloves , helmets and bodies. But that is the old NHL, this is the new NHL , the softer version of real Hockey!

Since when does a player not drop the gloves when another player drops them? What was Gaborik doing facing off against the toughest guys on the Flyers roster? Do we want Gabby to get checked and hurt? Who is to blame here and where was the defenseman during this whole thing? Watch the video it was five on three. Why didn’t anyone of the Ranger players get in between Carcillo and Gaborik to protect him. Not after the he gets stomped on but before.

For starters Tortorella was to blame. Having your only superstar matching up against players that live and breathe to check players and beat people up is not protecting your star players. In the Rangers case, Gabby is really their only star. So you keep him away from the heavy hitters and let us not forget how Gabby has been injured in every season of his career. Why would you take that chance?

Secondly Marion Gaborik is to blame here. How many times in the past have you seen him push players , punch or hit players and or antagonize the opposing team. The Head coach doesn’t tell him not to do that, or not to get involved in that, IT IS NOT HIS JOB! No the coach wants his players to be tough and physical. Now Gabby tried that crap with someone that was not going to take that from him and put him in his place. Watch the video, watch Gabby’s right hand, Gabby Drops his gloves first. Gabby when Carcillo was holding him, is the one that punched Carcillo in the face first. Gabby got what he deserved. He don't want to get stomped then do not act like a tough guy.

Third , where was his teammates, they were no where to be found. I don’t want to here how none of them was able to get away from a guy holding their jersey either. His teammates especially the defense was nowhere to be found. If they were so mad than they would have done more then what they did. But they didn't. bottom line is that they couldn't. toughness belonged to the Flyers and the Rangers had no answers for it. If they were so mad, why wasn't  the bench cleared and going after Carcillo?

This is not Gaborik’s first year in the NHL, he is in his ninth year, he is no rookie. He is 200 lbs 6’1, 27 year old grown man and he knows you play with fire, eventually you will get burned.

Daniel Carcillo is 24 years old 6’ 205 lbs. there really is no size difference and Carcillo did what he does best, Beat people up. Tortorella mentioned honor, well what I saw was a guy that stuck up for himself and dropped the gloves after Gabby did. You mention honor, professionalism, well I saw Carcillo pound Gabby to the ice and once Gabby was on the ground, Carcillo stopped, he didn’t keep punching Gabby when he was down on the ice like Sean Avery and Voros does, As well as many other players do. As soon as he took Gabby down Carcillo let go of him, even helped him up into a sitting position. Caricllo did what any other player would have done and he did nothing wrong!

No I am not happy Gabby took a beating, but this is professional Hockey, and this stuff happens. Last year Gomez was looking to drop the gloves and no one said nothing. Is Gomez some tough guy who fights. Is there any difference between Gomez and Gabby and no I am not talking about how great Gabby is compared to Gomez. But Last Year Gomez was concidered to be a key player for the Rangers, not a tough guy. But yet when he fought he was praised by everyone including announcers.

Then the announcers are going around saying that’s not right. Asking Tortorella how he feels about Caricllo picking a fight with Gabby ,Give me a break. Totally off on the whole thing. Never mind this is hockey! You want to get the best player on the other team off the ice for five minutes. Job well done! I mean these guys are out of their minds with this baby crap. They watched the reviews, it is in their faces who started the fight. But yet because its Gabby, it made it wrong. Carcillo should have just let Gabby hit him? Yeah right what ever I don't think so! This Is Hockey not kiddy tee ball.

This is what is ruining the sport. Lets baby a grown ass man in what is one of the toughest sports ever! Never mind the fact that the guy they trying to stick up for started the fight. Carcillo did his job and did it well. Gabby needs to know his role as does every other player on his team. If he don’t want to get beat up, then don’t drop the gloves when faced off against one of the toughest guys in the league. He is needed to score goals , not sit for fighting and being stupid.

How many peopel went after Mario and Wayne the great one. The issue was that when anyone did they suffered. They paid the price because the team as a whole protected them. Never mind their own enforcers would take it to a whole other level.  The Team, the coach and Gaborik are to blame here, not Daniel Carcillo.