Oklahoma State's Lone Senior Needs To Find Consistency

Curtis FinchumCorrespondent INovember 9, 2016

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Oklahoma State has played a solid season so far, standing 14-4 (2-2 in Big 12). However, a game against Bedlam rival Oklahoma showed just how vulnerable they really are.

The Cowboys are led by a college superstar, James Anderson. Anderson leads the Big 12 in scoring and is the main focus of the Cowboy offense.

Against the Sooners, however, the Cowboys revealed their weakness. Anderson left the game after a head injury, leaving the Cowboys with a solid lead.

After Anderson left the floor, however, the Cowboy offense stalled completely and never really recovered. Though they lost in overtime, head coach Travis Ford knew his team's main flaw had finally been revealed.

Without Anderson, the Cowboys offense basically becomes completely powerless: no explosion, no go-to man, and no composure. To have any chance at making a move in the Big 12, they really need to provide Anderson with some help.

Junior Marshall Moses has been the only player close to consistent, but he's not a player who can take over the game when the "superstar" isn't on the floor. 

Ford, however, does have a player with all the skills needed to be that second go-to player: senior and Oklahoma native, Obi Muonelo. 

Muonelo's career has been filled with inconsistency. He's had explosions where he'll break out for 20+ point games, then he'll go 1-of-12 from the field like he did against Oklahoma. 

For the Cowboys to stand a chance against the likes of Kansas, Texas, and Kansas State, Muonelo needs to step up and play the way his skill set shows that he can.

He has the tools to play in the NBA; size, strength, speed, and ball skills. Muonelo has all the talent in the world to become a solid college player and a great sidekick to Anderson. 

The question is: Can Muonelo grow up? He's had moments where he decides he wants to play and go all out, then out of the blue he decides to pout and become an offensive liability, forcing unnecessary shots and passes. 

Earth to Obi: Your college experience is coming to an end! Yes, that's right, it's your senior year and yet you still play like you're suiting up for Edmond Santa Fe. 

Here's your chance: Kansas State is next on the schedule, and you have the ability to help the Cowboys create havoc in Manhattan. 

Anderson can't do it alone; when are you going to pull your head back into reality and play up to your potential? You're running out of time and before you know it, it's going to be too late.