Whiskey Jars and Honkytonk Bars, What Does The Cowboy Mean To The Wec?

jason hughesCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2010

GLENDALE, AZ - NOVEMBER 06:  A fan watches the World's Toughest Rodeo at Jobing.com Arena on November 6, 2009 in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

   Donald Cerrone knows how to handle a rope. " The Cowboy" is without a question, one of the scrappiest fighters at the 155 weight class in all of MMA.

   But even his fast paced style of striking has not seemed to propel  him into that next level of " super-stardom" that many think he is capable of.

  Cerrone is a decorated kick boxer who always comes to the party with his guns cocked and loaded, but it seems that he has always just come up short when it is comes to pulling the trigger.

  Cerrone is now on a path to fight WEC resident crybaby Jaime Varner again , probably for a shot at fighting Ben "Smooth" Henderson again, in arguably the fight of the year in th WEC, Cerrone and Henderson gave everybody more than there money's worth with a fight that never showed any signs of slowing down, with Henderson edging out the "Cowboy".

  Of course this was nothing new for Cerrone who has won fight of the night four times in thirteen professional MMA fights.

  But now it is time for Donald Cerrone to take one more step if that can actually be done, this time against HATED rival Varner.

  The two are set to lock horns again and as expected this should be another barn burner that I am predicting to go the way of the "Cowboy". Cerrone does not want to lose to Varner, in fact I think he wants end this feud once and for all, hoping to get one more shot at the lightweight belt.

  In my opinion, if the powers that be would let Cerrone jump ship to the UFC instead of fighting Henderson, " the Cowboy" definatly has the skillset to give the UFC lightweights a run for there money.

  He would instantly be one of the few fighters in the division to look to strike at a non stop pace, very different from the wrestling and ju jitsu heavily influenced division the UFC seems to be mired in,and while I would no way in hell expect Cerrone to beat the champ, I think that he could surprise Penn with his endurance and striking capabilities.

   Maybe this is just wishful thinking but I for one wouldn't mind seeing "The Donald" try his hand at a higher level, I mean, why stick around the WEC, go out and earn a big paycheck and maybe shock some fighters along the way!