Look Out NBA, The All White Basketball League Is Coming to Town!

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIJanuary 21, 2010

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Hey, did you hear? The NBA is going to have competition soon. A new league is forming. The AABA which probably means Another Ass Backwards Association, but there is a catch; to be part of this league you got to be white.



Yep, and not just any white person, you got to be pure born and breed made of good old American stock. So if you were born in Germany, Italy, if you are black, Mexican, Asian, sorry you aren’t allowed in this league.



This league is for pure white Americans. I would be angry at this if it wasn’t too funny. When you read about this “commissioner” Don “Moose” Lewis, you have to laugh. He wants you to put up 10 grand for your own white franchise in your Southern city. Does this not sound like a scam to you?



Does this sound like just a white supremacist just trying to get paid? Where do you draft your players at the five and dime up the street? How much will these players get paid? Who are the coaches? Where will the teams play?



Has Mr. Lewis not noticed that a lot of the cities he wants to play in like Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, and Mobile are all RUN by black mayors? Can you see the presentation to any of these mayors?



“Um, we’d like to start an all white basketball league in your city.” “We know racial discrimination is illegal, but we don’t hate you people, we just don’t want to play with you.”


“Please give us a chance. You already run the NFL, NBA, and hell even golf, just let us have this one thing that is strictly for pure white Americans like me."



If I was one of these mayors, I would hit the floor with laughter before I had his butt dragged out of my office. The Mooses’ reasoning for all of this is bringing fundamentals back into basketball instead of as he puts it “street ball”. In order words a bunch of lay ups and jump shots; that should be fun to watch.



You know what makes the NBA good? It’s how they helped evolve the game. The three-point line, good defense, and especially dunks, is what makes the NBA fun to watch.



If you want to watch a bunch of lay ups and jump shots, watch women’s basketball, but even that sport is evolving more. I got news for Mr. Lewis; no one is going to pay that much money to watch a boring game with a bunch of no-names in a run down arena in the middle of no where.



Most Southerners (where he wants to put his teams) aren’t even into to basketball unless you are in Kentucky and even up there they want quality play, not a bunch of hacks and wanntabes.



The NBA incorporates the best of the best no matter where you come from or what you look like, a concept Mr. Lewis has apparently had forgotten.



Most players even if they are white, want to play against the best and oh yea, they want to get PAID too.



Mr. Lewis might think he can start a league for all white players, but in the end, the most important "color" in this discussion will be the color green.