Carcillo Bullies The Rangers, As Flyers Muscle Their Way To Victory!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 18:  Daniel Carcillo #13 of the Philadelphia Flyers skates during warm-up prior to their NHL game against the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center on November 18, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  The Flyers defeated the Kings 3-2.  (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
Victor Decolongon/Getty Images


In what was expected to be a very tough game against the Philadelphia Flyers. The New York Rangers gave it their all, but just did not have the muscle.

The Rangers had a good start to the game in the first period. But mid way through it became obvious that the Blue Shirts were bouncing off a brick wall. The Flyers shut the Ranger attacks down at the blue line. The Rangers never really possessed the puck in the Flyers zone. They were held to 6 shots on goal in the first period.

Once the Flyers were being out skated by the Rangers early in the period, the Flyers wasted little time to adjust. They started to get very physical and began controlling the game in the Rangers zone. The Rangers defense broke down towards the end of the period as Chris Pronger makes a long pass from deep in the Flyers zone to James Van Riemsdyk who took the shot up close, Lundqvist stopped the quick shot but the rebound came right back to Riemsdyk who knocks it in the net. The Rangers defence , Staal and Rozsival, where no where to be found. James Van skated right pass Staal untouched.

The second period started off no better for the Blue shirts. As Philly continued to control the pace. Lundqvist made some really good saves but it was not hard to tell that the momentum was going in the direction of the Flyers. The Rangers were being out checked, and for the most part the Flyers man handled the Blue Shirts the whole period.

At 5:43 into the second period, Daniel Carcillo pounded on Marion Gaborik. I know all about this and what Carcillo did was not wrong. If you watch the reviews , it was quite obvious that it was Gaborik trying to discard his gloves well before Carcillo did. Basically Gaborik had no idea what he was doing because that was just a stupid move on his part. Of Course Carcillo is going to drop the gloves and start swinging if he sees that a player is looking to do the same to him, and that is exactly what happen. Hey this is hockey, it is a tough sport and a fighting sport regardless who you are. Gaborik didn’t stand a chance but at the same time , his teammates should have jumped in before that beating could have ever taken place. No i didn't like the idea of Gabby getting a beating, He is not a fighter. but it was Gabby who really did drop the gloves first.

Later in the period it was Avery who got tossed around quickly by Scott Hartnell and towards the end of the period Avery attempted to take care of the Gaborik beating, but to no prevail. It wasn’t much of a fight.

At the end of the period the Flyers were on the power play and Mike Richards slapped one in off the skate of Marc Staal and past Henrik. Again , the Rangers defense were just standing around.

Surprisingly the Rangers managed to out shoot the Flyers 11-9 in the second period, but non of those shots were a real scoring threat.

At the start of third period Aaron Voros and Arron Asham went at it in a fight that really did not have to much action. After that it seemed that the tension has diminished and the Flyers continued to control the game.

John Tortorella tried changing up the lines and Realy the only Ranger that was effective was Enver Lisin. Brian Boyle did a good job as well as did Voros, Who has been playing solid hockey in the last two games.

The Rangers were out played in this game. You can not try to go check for check against a bigger, stronger team. You will lose every time and this was the case in this game. The Flyers are a bigger team and they used their size to dominate the Rangers along the boards, with checks and in fights.

Ray Emery for the most part had an easy night as the Flyers continued to control the puck in the Rangers zone through out the third, shutting out the Rangers.

This is the Third match up between these two teams. In the first game the Rangers managed to pull of a very close win 2-1 . In the second meeting the Rangers were shut out and destroyed 6-0 and again in their third match up they get shut out and out played again. The more physical , stronger team won and again this is the problem for the Rangers.

The effort was there for the Rangers, but this is just a good example of exactly what is needed to help this team. Size, toughness and defense. Again it was a good effort by the Rangers and hopefully they can rebound from this one.