Diva Championship Tournament: Good Creation, Bad Presentation

Christi LottCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2010

When Melina became injured, the WWE came up with a rarely used concept when it comes to the Divas.

The came up with a tournament to crown a new Divas Champion. With this creation came the opportunity to have legit matches with serious value behind them.

Unfortunately, what has been produced is the same old, same old.

The Divas tag match on this past Monday Night RAW should have been a serious nail in the coffin for the WWE's current thoughts when it comes to the RAW Divas. The crowd was completely and utterly dead, and rightfully so when it came to this extremely botched and uncoordinated match. There has been no extra backstage segments or mic time from anyone concerning the Divas Championship.

It seems most likely that Maryse will be champion. And then what? None of the other face divas have been built to even get a reaction like Maryse does, and she's a heel.

Gail Kim, the only good wrestler out of that show, gets absolutely no reaction from the crowd. The WWE has let the RAW divas fall completely to the bottom of the barrel, and it's a real shame considering what's happening on Smackdown.

Imagine this "Piggy James" storyline happening on RAW. Mickie is the WWE's most popular Diva, and to have the caliber of solid heels against her in Michelle McCool, Layla, and Beth Phoenix against her on RAW would be fantastic.

The interesting aspect of the storyline is that the Women's title is rarely mentioned, but it works.

At this point RAW is giving off a vibe of Diva story lines having any weight to them being put on hold until Melina comes back, as she is the No. 2 Diva in the WWE in terms of popularity. She is one of, if not the, best Diva on the roster period.

It's a real shame because there is no Mickie James on RAW to take back the mantle of top RAW Diva like the last time Melina was injured and was making a face turn.

The WWE has a real opportunity to build one of its face Divas as a star both in popularity and in wrestling, and they're flushing it down the toilet.