The Most Underrated Players in the 2010 NFL Fantasy Draft

William Del PilarContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

KFFL participates in various weekly question columns, and with the regular season over it’s never too early to look towards next season. One of the questions posed to us this week asked about which player we feel will be underrated in fantasy drafts next season. It’s a tough question this early, but to be honest, no one can tell this early because there will be offseason movement by players, head coaches, and offensive coordinators, not to mention the NFL Draft .


This year, I pushed the following players as underrated:

I was happy with those players on my roster as they helped lead me, as a KFFL representative, to three playoff games in four leagues, two championship games and one championship. On a personal note, some of them also helped me to an overall top-10 finish in a $100K high-stakes league. My point is simple—these underrated players, if taken late, are the difference-makers that can propel you to fantasy championships!


Looking at next year, I think the following players may be a bit undervalued:

Before anyone holds me to this list, it’s purely speculative, but based on over a dozen years of experience. I expect some players to remain and others to fall out for the reason given earlier. It’s way too early to put much stock into this, but it is fun to speculate on.

What are your thoughts?

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