Brady Quinn's Football Cards On Parade: Introduction

John FlyteContributor IJanuary 21, 2010

Brady Quinn’s Football Cards On Parade: Introduction

I have been collecting Brady Quinn’s football cards since the first professional ones came out in 2007. Today I have spent thousands on my collection and amassed close to 400 cards –all of them different – and counting. Many in my collection are autographed by Brady himself; either personally or by the football card companies. Those are, of course, gems in my collection, but they are not necessarily the best or my favorite.

Brady on the August 2007 cover of Beckett Football, a football card collector's guide. Much attention was brought to the ownership of Brady's cards after he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Brady's cards still do very well in the market despite uncertainty in the NFL.

Football cards have come a long way since the simple ones of cardboard and a stick of hard pink plastic they called bubble gum. Frankly, if you are not a collector you will be amazed at the things card companies do to entice someone to spend a lot of money to own one card. Granted, the value of a card is not static. Brady’s cards fetched a high price when he first entered the professional era of his career, but since then the investment has leveled off; some may say depreciated. Such is the nature of investing. It may take a generation or two when Brady’s cards double or triple  in value, but I have faith in Brady that he will do well and when he does, my Great Great nephew will be sitting pretty.:grin:

Speaking of sitting pretty, even if Icannot retire early, many of these cards are works of art (and not just of the muse that inspired them). So, in the off season, when things are slow and you tire of reports of Brady being in Boston with his girlfriend, I’ll post some of the best of the best in my collection.

He may not have achieved football hero status yet; but he certainly has proven that football card companies know a moneymaker when they see one. If you collect Brady’s cards because he’s hot or because he is HOT! there is something about him that is still worth having around.

If Brady has his way, he won’t be happy until he wins a Super Bowl which will only mean plenty more cards and I vow to own them. Stay tuned for postings of some great looking cards,… in all senses of the word.