Conversation with Ken Armer

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IJune 27, 2008

The NHL community is clearly the most tightly knit community on Bleacher Report. All writers are more then happy to help each other with writing and editing, while constructive criticism is taken as motivation to get better, not as an insult.

All this camaraderie can’t be possible without our wonderful community leaders Bryan Thiel and Ken Armer. In this interview, I sat down with Ken for a little while and asked him some questions about his thoughts on hockey, his influences and the NHL.

Quick Hits

Favorite Movie: “Iron Man”

Favorite Actress: Reese Witherspoon

Favorite Music Group: Nickelback

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan

Your heroes: My dad and Brenden Morrow

Favorite Sports: Hockey, Football, Baseball

Top Three Favorite Athletes: Brenden Morrow, Mike Modano, Andy McDonald

Most Hated Sport: Basketball

GC: How did you first get involved with the great sport of Hockey?

KA: I went to a Stars game when I was nine or ten. I kind of got mesmerized by the way that Mike Modano skated and I soon fell in love with the sport. My dad talked my mom into signing me up for skating lessons, and at about age eleven and I began playing hockey until age fifteen, when my dad died.

GC: It appears that the Anaheim Ducks are your favorite team. Is this so?

KA: I really don’t have a favorite anymore. I have about ten I seriously support, but the Ducks are my main focus.

GC: How much of an influence was your father on you that made you love hockey so much?

KA: Oh without a doubt huge. Looking back he lived vicariously through me on the ice. We spent so many long nights watching ESPN hockey games, and analyzing what was going on, my dad became a great analyst, and he taught me the same skills through long talks. When the season would begin he would bring home some of my favorite teams’ updated rosters from work (we didn’t have the net at my home then) and I’d spend hours updating the current computer NHL game with the rosters. The usual was Phoenix and Dallas. He was a huge support system, and always spent tons of money on me for hockey.

GC: What is your favorite hockey moment of all-time?

KA: It was probably when Ray Bourque won the Stanley Cup.

GC: How did you find out about Bleacher Report, and how would you describe your time here thus far?
: I found Bleacher Report on Facebook, and when I first started, I didn’t write much. I wrote maybe twice in like 6 months. Then I saw an ad on Facebook for "Hockey Experts" and I was like um...that’s me. I wrote my first Andy McDonald article, and the rest is history. It’s a real testament to hard work pays off.

GC: Since you are the co-community leader for the NHL section, how would you describe the current state of your community?

KA: I’d say we’re one of the closest knit of the communities, and one of the most consistent. I’m very happy with how well it’s been going this off-season. It truly is the best section on Bleacher Report in my opinion.

GC: What are your thoughts on Gary Bettman? And please, keep them to a PG-13 level.

KA: People are always going to complain, I think he did the whole lock out all wrong...but I think he’s done well with expansion and I think he’s done a good job with the league. The constant chatter of more scoring annoys me, but oh well.

GC: If you could make one rule change, what would it be and why?

KA: None. I’m a hockey traditionalist I guess, although if Bettman wants more scoring, getting rid of off-sides is the best idea.

GC: In your opinion, what team has the nicest logo? What team has the ugliest?

KA: My favorite is the Los Angeles Kings’ Logo. My least favorite is the New York Islanders’.

GC: Who do you think will win the Stanley Cup next season?

KA: All bias aside, the Dallas Stars, and if not them, then the Anaheim Ducks.

GC: Ok, that's about it. I want to thank you for taking the time to sit for this interview. I look forward to seeing more articles for you.

KA: No problem, good luck on the article.

Hopefully if this goes well, other well-known Bleacher Creatures will be interviewed. Hope you enjoy...


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