Vikings-Cowboys: Was Minnesota Justified To Run Up the Score?

Steve ButlerCorrespondent IApril 10, 2017

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Prior to the NFC divisional matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings, all announcers predicted that the Cowboys would win.

Almost every 2010 fantasy draft pick order that I looked at reflected the prediction that the Vikings would not even make it to the divisional playoff round as well, and when the score was 20 or 27 to 3 in favor of the Vikings, one of the television announcers stated that this was "shocking".

With that being said, it seems to me like the Vikings had a point to prove.

Leading 27-3 late in the fourth quarter, the Vikings had the ball in the red zone when Brett Favre completed a fourth touchdown pass to a wide open Visanthe Shiancoe. We immediately saw Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking approach the Vikings' coaching staff to give them a piece of his mind on opting to score another touchdown, an opinion he later shared with the media.

Brooking called the TD "classless" and said it "reflected poorly on the Vikings organization".

If you ask me, it didn't reflect as poorly as the Cowboys' being favored by nearly every media organization, FOX pre-game show commentator, mock draft, etc.

The Vikings had a statement to make, and it didn't hurt that they also had a first ballot Hall of Fame QB who is probably in his last season and two touchdown passes behind Joe Montana (45) for the all-time record.

Brett Favre, known as one of the game's greatest competitors ever, threw his 43rd TD pass to Shiancoe on a fourth down play. 

As a spectator who is a fan of the 49ers, to me it seemed as if they were comfortable turning the ball over on downs and were just going to do so... that is, assuming the Cowboys sub-par secondary didn't give them a chance to throw a TD pass to a wide open receiver. there a team in the league that would've taken a knee?

Last time I checked, the NFL is a PROFESSIONAL football league. Is it professional to purposely reduce the potential of your team for the sake of not embarrassing your opponents? Is it unprofessional to the Vikings' fans who paid hundreds of dollars to watch 60 minutes of football to cheat them out of a full game?

Where was the professional that was supposed to be covering Shiancoe on the last touchdown? My guess is it was probably Keith Brooking.

If there is a discussion of running up the score, it should be among bitter fans.


What's wrong with the postgame commentary, "Hats off to the Vikings; they played excellent and they won the matchups, and we committed too many turnovers and just didn't get it done," like what the classy NFL players would say.

Bottom line, the media put the Vikings up to the challenge of proving a point, and they did it.