How To Disband Legacy Successfully

Miss AnnieAnalyst IJanuary 20, 2010

You’ve seen the signs.  The seeds have been sown, and nurtured methodically.  I’m not talking about your farm in Farmville.  I’m talking about the apparent break-up that The Legacy is going to go through.

We’ve expected this.  Ever since Ted DiBiase Jr. got punted in the head by Orton so he can shoot the movie Marine 2, which was released last December 28 (haha, you caught my plug), we all know it was coming.  All good things must come to an end, after all.

The Legacy is composed of three very talented individuals who have high marketability.  I thought that if they break up now, the person who’s going to get the short end of the stick here is going to be Cody Rhodes.  He does not have any basis for a storyline to put him up against anyone else on the roster. 

It seems to me that with Ted’s impending face turn, even though he says there’s no truth to a breakup, I still think it’s going to happen.  And we can’t really expect him to reveal future storylines that he’s going to be feuding with their leader Randy Orton.  That’s almost an automatic.

Randy on the other hand, in my mind, is better off when he didn’t have them.  He could go back to that lone-wolf-badass-heel that nobody dares look at before.  He can focus on himself, and not have back-up to do his work for him, which constantly just makes him look weak.

What could happen then to Cody Rhodes? He could get buried at mid-card or even made to job for other people, not that he hasn’t done that already.  That’s what I think is going to happen if he’s left without a relevant storyline.

Of course, he could still hang with Orton, but let’s face it they’re not really going to be a tag team. Sooner or later Randy’s going to boot him out too.

So, what can they do to give Cody as much chance as Ted in surviving this breakup?  Make it a three-way split.

Rumor has it Ted’s face turn will start at Royal Rumble.  So I’m going to start this little scenario from there.

Last four will be DX and Legacy.  HHH or HBK thinks they've eliminated Rhodes, but he "skinned the cat" (slides back in under the rope and then roll back out to the floor.) They go after Ted, HHH turns on HBK, Ted eliminates HHH...but Cody sneaks back in as Ted is celebrating thinking he won the whole thing, and eliminates him.  Two birds in one stone.  DX breaks up, Legacy is even more fractured.  Then of course, Randy wins the championship via punt to the head of Sheamus.

Next Raw, Ted confronts Cody.  They argue for a while, until Randy steps in.  He tells Cody he's not allowed to challenge him, and Cody seems to agree.  Then suddenly puts Orton on Cross-Rhodes, declares he's going after the WWE Championship, and then ran up to the ramp. We now have a main event heel in the making. 

Meanwhile, Ted helps Randy up.  When he can stand on his own, Ted tells him he doesn't like what Cody did betraying him/them like that, but he understands his desire to be champion because he feels the same.  Then he tells Randy he's going to be in the Elimination Chamber for Raw and he's going to win it.  He and Randy stare each other down to close the segment.

Next Raw will have Randy addressing that the Legacy is over.  He calls out Cody and Ted, and they come out.  They do a promo in what looks like an amicable ending of their partnership. Then suddenly he throws Cody over the ring, and RKO's Ted and then says something like "What makes you think you can beat me? I'm better than all both of you combined" or something like that.  Subsequent RAWs puts Randy vs Ted vs Cody one way or another until Elimination chamber.

Elimination chamber, Ted wins...cleanly. Then declares he's going to go after Orton's belt at WM. We got a triple threat for the championship. Following RAW shows can work on making their new roles more obvious, like Ted the face, Randy the tweener (being betrayed by Cody in most matches but still winning), then Rhodes as the heel.

They can continue this three-way feud until Summerslam where Randy can drop the belt to either Ted or Cody.

What do you think?


Note: Thanks to Scott Manyard's Article that inspired this.