TNA Has Just Started. Patience Writers And Readers, Sheesh.

Cam WilsonContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

- People seem to think that TNA can totally make changes in miracle speed. Of course bleacher writers need to write for us fans, so they won't necessarily wait a good span of time before they type a current event article, usually as of late criticizing TNA, and not constructive criticism (that's what they call it AFTER being bugged), but one that pretty much gives TNA no hope.

Now let's get one thing clear. We all, without a doubt, can't deny that TNA has been down a road of obscurity since it debuted almost a decade ago. Hell, I didn't even know what it was, and I was wrestling crazy. 

During that while, I noticed that the pro wrestlers in this organization are very great as performers, and conduct themselves in very pleasant manners.

However, when you have management and non-wrestling talent that sleeps with your wife, talks in disregard about catastrophes, is known for destroying a company from the inside, and is Christy Hemme, of course your company isn't going to be in a good-run. 

About the ring, I can deal with the four sides, but something has to be done about the outside - the floor area seemed too small and something scares me about a ramp the rises onto the top of the ring apron. 

You have to notice that Hogan and Dixie are already working great with the top performers, the ones especially seen as top is AJ Styles, (let Ric Flair mentor him, that's f-cking genius, one of the greatest too, if you didn't know).

AJ, Kurt, Dinero, and Wolfe seem to be heading toward the top, and in my opinion are being used well for now (Mind you these wrestlers were or had a chance in WWE, used much better though in TNA. Wolfe nor AJ nor Wolfe never really had a chance and Kurt's wrestling better than ever).

Also, Bulk hogan and Eric Pissoff are just coming in, so they need to be acquainted with the management, production, atmosphere and most importantly talent. I see them basically going from top talent to the lesser talent.

I'm betting my top dollar that the roster we haven't seen in a while are being worked with as we speak, I hope so though. In my opinion, I like Daniels' skill, but his character always didn't sit well with me - his ring gear is crappy =/. 

As far as being different goes, they already have that with the Global Championship, the X division, which is not a certain weight class, but the ability to work high-pace matches and be a little more spotty than usual, and the knockouts, which include hardcore women matches. Yes, hardcore.

..Remember I said hardcore women. If anything, for the four-side, you have to use something to bring unknowing fans in, because face it, people are used to tradition, and a 6-sided ring would make it look like a circus act to them, and less acceptable to society, perhaps. We'll just have to be patient.