Manny Pacquiao: Crucify Him!

Petronilo IgotContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

Warning: This article is dangerous to your health—if you hate Pacquiao!

"Crucify him! Crucify him!" This was the most horrible cry against the most innocent and gentle guy more than 2,000 years ago. But this cry is still resounding now against his follower, one of the most innocent and gentle boxers of all times: Manny Pacquiao.

The crime of Christ: the king of the Jews.                                                                  

The crime of Pacquiao: the pound-for-pound king of boxers.


Some Jews didn't like Christ as their king, so they wanted to crucify him. Some boxers don't like Pacquiao as their king, so with needless needles, they want to crucify him.

How could they accept Christ as their king, since he just came from a poor family and thought that his power to do miracles came from the devil? How could some boxers accept Pacquiao as their king, since he comes only from a poor family and his power to perform miracles in the ring comes from drugs?

Everyone who hated Christ as a king wanted to lift him up on the cross to be crucified, while everybody who loved Christ wanted to bring him down from the cross and put him on the throne.

So, too, everyone who hates Pacquiao as the pound-for-pound king wants to lift him up on the cross of defamation, while each one who loves him wants to pull him down from the cross of defamation and put him on the throne as pound-for-pound king, the best boxer in the world.

Some people accuse Pacquiao of being a cheater, drug user, damaged goods. They proclaim their personal opinions as the public opinions, as something infallible, the absolute and infinite truth, so that everyone else must believe them and help them crucify Manny.

In doing so, they appear to be the righteous, and their opponents become the contemptuous. They want to acquire fame by defaming others. They want to lift themselves up high by pulling others down. They pretend to be willing to clean the world of boxing, yet they are the very first to throw it in the trash.

They may succeed in crucifying Manny Pacquiao now, but they will never crucify him forever. The truth will always prevail and everyone who is not in the truth shall be ashamed and condemned. Even if the whole world thought that Pacquiao were dirty, it would never make him dirty if in truth he were clean.

The truth is never dependent on the opinion of others, but it is always the opinion of others that should be dependent on truth. The truth will always remain even if the majority is against the truth and doesn't know the truth. Christ never became guilty even if the majority of people at that time thought that he was guilty. The sun will always remain hot even if the whole world thinks that it is cold.

God allows evil to happen sometimes only to bring about greater good. Your act of crucifying Pacquiao by your defamation is indeed a great evil, but if Manny is innocent, you are glorifying him all the more and you are climbing on the cross and crucifying yourselves.

Manny is innocent until proven guilty, but you proclaim him guilty until proven innocent. You want to throw dirt on others and ask them to show themselves clean. You have crucified Pacquiao and you asked him to save himself by pouring out his blood to prove himself innocent. The innocent does not have to prove himself innocent. Only the accuser has to prove to others that his accusation is true against the guilty. 

Give to God what is due to God and give to Pacquiao what is due to Pacquiao. Are you really convinced that Pacquiao deserves all your defamation? If it is proven that Manny is dirty, I will help you crucify him. But if he is proven innocent, I will help him crucify you.

It is always better to excuse than to accuse. You will never hurt someone by excusing him, but you will always hurt someone by accusing him. If you really want to accuse, accuse yourself first! Always accuse yourself and always excuse the others.

How many people have already suffered from false accusations? The greater the reputation of the person, the greater also the damage that you inflict on him by your accusations.

Manny Pacquiao is very hurt by your defamation because he knows that every human being who loves him around the world is also hurt for him. He is a global figure and so you make global damage also. The word "sorry" and your life-long shame would never be enough to repair your damage.

Manny Pacquiao. "Crucify him!" These words should never be said again.

Instead of "crucify him" we better say "glorify him" so that God will be happy, Pacquiao will be happy, and everyone else who loves kindness and goodness will be happy. Only the envious and the jealous people would never and could never be happy.

Bad words come only from bad people; good words come only from good people. What kind of person are you? You are what you love and who you love. You are what you say, what you do, and what you think.

Who do you think you are? Who do the people think you are? Don't just care about what you think, but also about what others think! We don't have to have the same opinion, but we can always respect each other's opinion.

I did the writing—now you do the correcting.