B/R Wrestling: Buy or Sell Week Two

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2010

Welcome to the second week of Bleacher Report Wrestling: Buy or Sell. I am your host Steven Ransiear and today I am joined by Ashley Morris and Shane Howard. Unfortunately, I didn't receive answers from our planned third panelist Jacob Burman.

Let's get right into the questions!

Buy or Sell: A Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon match is enough to get you to order WrestleMania 26 .

Ashley Morris: SELL

While a McMahon/Hart match at WrestleMania may satisfy many fans’ wet dream, it is not enough to entice me to order the pay-per-view.

The fact is that the name and legacy of WrestleMania can sell itself, so I plan on ordering the pay-per-view regardless of whether Hart faces McMahon himself or captains a team to take on McMahon’s minions.

If anything, a McMahon/Hart match would be icing on the cake for ordering the pay-per-view, but I’m definitely not purchasing it to see a 52-year-old Bret Hart carry a 64-year old-Vince McMahon through a match.

Bret may be the “Excellence of Execution,” but he’s no “Mr. WrestleMania.”

Shane Howard: SELL

To see these two actually wrestle at WrestleMania does not have me going to my wallet. Hart and McMahon have a combined age over 100; why would one get excited about that?

I'm actually apprehensive about seeing Hart wrestle in any capacity, and we have seen Vince in the ring. That's about as pretty as a Mark Henry and Courtney Love offspring.

My Take: SELL

I have never been a big Bret Hart fan, so anything involving him is not enough to earn my money. I will order WrestleMania , but not for Bret Hart.


Buy or Sell: The X Division will remain a wasteland now that Hulk Hogan is in TNA.

Ashley Morris: BUY

The X-Division was already in a sorry state before Hogan’s arrival, and will continue to be buried now that he is in TNA.

As TNA strives to compete with the WWE, they neglect the divisions that separate themselves from Vince McMahon’s machine.  TNA will continue to shine and focus on their heavyweight division, while the X-Division will be relegated to a few five-minute matches here and there.

Hogan is notorious for not putting over Billy Kidman in their WCW days. I’m not convinced that this TNA Hogan is much different from the WCW Hogan.

Shane Howard: BUY

Why am I buying it? Because it was a wasteland before and I don't see anything changing with Hogan involved.

Case in point: Jan. 4th, The Steel Asylum cluster(expletive). Nowwe have the X Division champion facing a mystery opponent at the Genesis pay-per-view? Where is the buildup? Why do we only see Amazing Red, the champ, once every three weeks?

Generation Me and Motor City Machine Guns showed how exciting the X Division can be, but I feel that TNA will only use the division to excite the crowd at the start of shows. Then we don't get anything else. 

The X Division title and the division itself is capable of so much more, but it seems to be going the way of the cruiserweight title in WWE. Pretty soon, TNA will have Hornswoggle debut on iMPACT! and have him lay out whoever the champ is at the time. 

My Take: BUY

It wasn't looking good and it still isn't. While the talent is there, it's like a blind man driving a car: Zero direction whatsoever.


Buy or Sell: The WWE has already blown the opportunity to turn Ted DiBiase and make him a top face on RAW .

Ashley Morris: SELL

I think the WWE still has plenty of time to turn Ted DiBiase and make him a top face on RAW .

I view DiBiase the same way most fans view Sheamus.  DiBiase hasn’t shown anything all that spectacular in the ring or during his promos.  He’s good, but he just doesn’t stand out as the next main event superstar.

A singles run with good quality feuds could develop DiBiase’s character more. I would say that another six months of character development would do wonders for him.

Shane Howard: SELL

For months people were playing Nostradamus and predicting this face turn. I didn't see why. Just because of a movie? How stupid.

DiBiase still has much growing to do, but folks wanted him to become this instant top face. These are the same fans who bitched about Sheamus become an instant top heel. 

The WWE must have heard all the cries from fans about seeing the face turn coming and decided to delay it. That should make people stop saying things are predictable in the WWE.

When it does happen, I'm sure things will be good. Still, DiBiase will benefit from the time under Randy Orton. 

My Take: SELL

Ted can still turn face and have it be effective, though they missed what may have been the perfect opportunity to do so while Legacy and Randy Orton were hot heels.


Buy or Sell: Ring of Honor can turn it around in 2010 and rebound from one of it's worst years ever.

Ashley Morris: BUY

With TNA and the WWE battling it out for bragging rights, ROH now has the time and space to make a definitive statement in pro wrestling.

Although I do not keep up with ROH on a regular basis, and while I don’t know much about Cary Silkin’s booking methods, I can say that I enjoy watching their show on YouTube very much. What most fans see as a terrible year for the company, I see as something way more entertaining and action-packed than what I catch on RAW , Smackdown , Superstars , ECW or Impact .

My main concern is that ROH will have to scout independent wrestling organizations for new talent, as a good number of their better wrestlers are now signing deals with the WWE or TNA.  Other than that, I think that 2010 will be a good year for ROH , as they offer a product that neither the WWE nor TNA is willing to produce.

Shane Howard: BUY

I am sure they can rebound. Part of the reason I am going with the optimistic view is because I think the wrestling scene in the big two (WWE and TNA) will improve. Once they improve, the other companies will follow suit. 

I am confident the Pick 6 will help the main event scene. And despite losing two big names in McGuinness and Danielson, ROH has always been resilient when talent heads to brighter lights.

My Take: Sell

I don't think ROH is going to right the ship anytime soon. They have a pretty good roster but their methods are horrible. They still book like a small indie and that's where they will stay unless changes are made.


Buy or Sell: With the WWE signing luchadores from Mexico and assigning them to FCW, one of them debuts this year and makes an impact.

Ashley Morris: SELL

The WWE has no clue anymore what to do with wrestlers that have a high-flying, fast-paced style.

Not only that, but the creative team has to figure out what to do with these athletes once they make it to television. WWE feuds and storylines these days have less to do with action and more with drama between superstars. Because of this, I feel the WWE would have a WCW-like approach to these luchadores. 

I recall the days when WCW showcased hardcore matches with luchadores. In one particular matchup, the announcers were laughing hysterically while the masked athletes put on one hell of a show and the crowd was emotionless.

It wasn’t until the more well-known luchadores (Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio Jr.) lost their masks that they received some character development from the creative team, but by then their appeal with the main demographic had lost its luster.

I don’t expect any of the newly signed WWE luchadors to make an impact, at least not until Rey Mysterio retires.

Shane Howard: BUY

Without a doubt, one will make an impact. I expect we should see Kaval (Low Ki) very soon in that rumored feud with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio can put on a good match and having someone of similar size will make things even better; it's simple as that.

Forget any other luchadores signed—Kaval should be first off the bench. 

My Take: SELL

None of the luchadores that the WWE signed are of any note. Now, if they bring in Mistico, then we're talking about a whole other ballgame.


Bonus Question: What would you do with ECW: Keep it or end it?

Ashley Morris: Keep It

I would keep ECW as a show for those fans who despise the PG Era.  I’d personally make the show focus more on the competition between some of the top athletes in the WWE, and shy away from all the drama and silliness that has plagued RAW since the inception of the PG Era and the guest host idea.

It would also be a place where stars from FCW could hone their talent in front of a much larger audience.

Shane Howard: Keep It

I don't care what happens with the name ECW. I've long understood that this wasn't the ECW of yesteryear. I was content with the product they put on TV. It didn't bother me as much as others.

Whatever they do with ECW, as long as they continue to make it their developmental area and give good wrestling, I am good. 

My Take: End It

They need to get rid of ECW altogether. Turn it into a weekly highlight show like UFC Unleashed and spread the roster between Smackdown and RAW .


So there you have it—week two in the books. Thank you for joining us at "Buy or Sell" and be on the lookout for week three next Wednesday afternoon.

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