San Franciso Giants Tim Lincecum Suspension Performance Enhancing Drugs

Mark DuaneContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO - NOVEMBER 19:  San Francisco Giants pitcherTim Lincecum jokes with reporters following a news conference November 19, 2009 at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California.  Lincecum won the Major League Baseball National League Cy Young award for the second consecutive year.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Cough Cough Cough... Bud Selig. We are awaiting your punishment for Tim Lincecum suspension of 15 to 30 days and $10,000 fine. Although the 50 game suspension is probably more appropriate because dope smoking is a performance enhancing drug.

Pot smoker's will tell you they sleep better. Eat better. This simply means your more focused and well rested to start every fifth game as the Giant's Ace. Good thing he is in California. He might get some more medicinal Marijuana.

With Steroid's the number one on the hit parade these days. The collective bargaining agreement calls for the above mentioned suspension and fine for any conviction for use of prohibited substances. Now that he plead out in the Clark County District Court before Judge Darvin Zimmerman. He is squarely guilty of a first infraction.

I will lose no sleep over this article. Tim Lincecum is a public figure who many young kids will look up to. A young pitching Ace who had broken the rules. Has he been high on the mound or in press conferences as shown above? Boy those eye's look pretty funky to me.  Clearly he is quite relaxed and I bet he was craving some food. Did he Run for the Border and Taco Bell afterwards?

As you see with MLB involved in a already tattered image from Steroids, Bud Selig has to act and act soon. Smoking the Ganja and the public perception is not OK for a guy going to arbitration and demanding $13 million a year. The Giants are reported to be offering $8 million this year.

Roger Goodell and the NFL have has been attacking the public infractions with suspensions and fines. Clearly Bud Selig, you must act as well.

Many readers will tell me this is a petty incident. Is it really?

Many substances are on the Major League Basball's drug policy. Clearly Marijuana is one of them.

Everyone is tearing Mark McGwire of the St Louis Cardinals to shreds for admitting using Steroids when they were not illegal at the time.

Obviously this opens up a great debate. It requires intelligent thinking and responsibility on the decision makers of the game. Tim Lincecum is a future hall of famer too if he can stay healthy and keep performing as well as his present.

You see Ty Cobb is in the hall of fame for MLB. So is Babe Ruth a legend. Both of those player's used Alcohol to excess that it could be considered substance abuse. At least it was legal.

Clearly Marijuana is more accepted in small amounts and merit's just a small fine according to Judge Darvin Zimmermann. I mean $513.00 is really going to hurt Tim Lincecum when he make's $8-$13 Million with all the zero's. Now, the average Joe. Ouch, that may be half my rent or mortgage.

So now what do we have for a future in the Hall of Fame? Pot Heads, Green Weenie substance abusers, Alcholic's and in the future Steroid user's with an Asterisk.

What about the new generation of kids Bud Selig? Pot smoking illegal but ok? What message will you send Tim Lincecum? Is Pot smoking a Performance enhancing drug? I personally think so.

Will Tim Lincecum new joke be Thank You California for pot smoking, to all you California blond virgins, Thank you for nothing.

As you read this arcticle you see I am against any substance that hinders the game of Major League Baseball. More importantly, I am upset this is a bad influence to my kids and kids of the world. He is going to get paid a King's Ransom for being a Drug Abuser. Bud Selig, you must act! End of story.

Mark Duane