Brock Lesnar: Returning This Summer Is "a Miracle to Me"

Erik FontanezCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2010

Brock Lesnar is back. No other way to put it folks, as the UFC heavyweight champion conducted his first interview today on Sportscenter since falling ill this past fall.

The news of Lesnar making his first appearance since going MIA spread quickly, and many tuned their televisions to ESPN today as Lesnar sat with UFC President Dana White and spoke openly about his recent past and future.

White confirmed that Lesnar will indeed return this summer and defend his title against the winner of the Frank Mir/Shane Carwin interim title match, which takes place in New Jersey at UFC 111.

If one of those fighters is injured, Lesnar will take on the winner of Minotauro Nogueira and Cain Velasquez, which takes place at UFC 110 in Australia.

The rumors of a drop to 220 pounds were quickly dismissed, as Lesnar graced the television screen with all the mass he routinely carries on his massive frame. Lesnar did state, however, he lost 40 pounds during his 11-day hospitalization but was able to put back on about 30 of those pounds.

Lesnar was advised by doctors that he needed surgery to have his colon removed. The heavyweight champion was uneasy about doing the surgery and opted to heal himself.

After a check-up on Jan. 5, Lesnar says that doctors were “dumbfounded” and that no trace of any problem could be found in his stomach. “It’s just a miracle to me,” Lesnar said during his interview.

Well, it is all said and done. The Brock Lesnar mystery is solved and a return to action for him is on the horizon this summer.

As of right now, the only events targeted this summer are UFC 115 in June and the unnamed event taking place in Boston this August.

The speculation is that Brock will fight the Mir/Carwin winner at the first UFC event to be held in Massachusetts but nothing at this point has been confirmed.

More details will be reported as new information surfaces.