There Are Six Sides To Every Wrestling Argument, How Hulk Hogan Is Killing TNA

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJanuary 20, 2010

Ever since TNA Wrestling made its way to Spike TV, they did some very unique things no other company in the entire world was doing.

They had something called an X-Division, which was similar to the cruiserweights, but didn't have a weight limit. It was full of "great athletes," and anyone was able to win the title (other than women).

The only stipulation that I have seen, which is basically an unwritten rule, is that if you are a legit heavyweight, you stick to that and leave the X-Division for the others.

It was great to see these young, wonderful athletes go at it.

And it seemed TNA was doing something no other company was doing and making their big stars out of smaller wrestlers. Sure, they are still bigger than the regular Joe on the street, but they were smaller than people such as Triple H, Batista, John Cena, and other big guys you see in the WWE.

TNA made it to where their company was what people should see, the "new generation" if you will, which was great to see.

Another thing that made them different was their wrestling ring. This ring signified one thing, that this was the future. We were going to forget about the traditional past, because it no longer mattered. At this point, it was like wrestling was brand new and no one had heard of it.

TNA was going to go into this new generation with a new ring, and show the world that TNA was something different from the moment you tuned in to the show. Now, TNA has done a few gimmicks with it, such as the six sides of steel and other matches.

But nothing major, nor did it really matter to do anything major with it. The ring was just something unique to have there. TNA fans seemed to have liked it very much.

Other "traditionalists" such as Hogan, Bischoff, and others forget that tradition, while it should be remembered doesn't have to apply to every single thing.

Also, why does every wrestling company have to go by tradition?

Why can't a wrestling company do something different?

Why can't they be something new and exciting?

We all know wrestling fans are getting tired of seeing the same old thing, so why keep forcing them to see the same old thing?

It's like getting shot, it hurts and you don't want it to happen to you again. If you know that going to a certain area will surely get you shot, you won't go back there.

It's the same with pro-wrestling. If you watch something that you hate, it makes no sense. Your better on finding another channel with a show that is far better.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard that all wrestling companies have to go by certain unwritten rules.


You have to go by "unwritten rules" in pro-wrestling?

It makes sense that there are some unwritten rules like not using piledrivers often, because it is a move that many a wrestling talent has suffered horrible injuries from. This is why the WWE doesn't allow it, because they have seen this move hurt people firsthand (ex.Steve Austin).

TNA has already broken one of these unwritten rules by having Eric Young use the piledriver. What's stopping them from putting their foot down and telling Hogan, "No, TNA will do what TNA wants to do".

Also, why not ask the fans, Hogan? If they want to keep the ring, why take it away? In fact, the fans already hate the idea of a traditional four-sided ring.

No, instead you want to come out and tell them, "It's too damn bad you don't like the ring."

Really Hogan?

And here I stupidly thought that the fans are what makes the business and who you are supposed to satisfy. That they are the ones who pay to see the talent, and without them there would be no wrestling business.

So, forgive my youthful stupidity for thinking that, Hulkster. I forgot that it was all about you, Mr. Icon.

Hogan coming in to take over reminds many of us of WCW. I forgot, what happened to that company?

Oh yeah, that's right. It was sold for a few million dollars, about two percent of what it was worth in the mid-'90s.

TNA has started to bring in old, tired wrestling stars who have no business in being there (ex.Scott Hall).

They have started to put down the X-Division, and raise up their heavyweight division to try and compete with the WWE. They have done stupid things with both the tag and knockout divisions, and their storylines have not been great.

All the things they were great at before are now mediocre. They try to compete with the WWE's heavyweight division, which is impossible for them to do because of how huge the WWE is.

TNA beats the WWE in pure wrestling and has their number in the tag, women's, and X-Division.

Why highlight your weaknesses instead of your strengths? People fell in love with TNA because of their great wrestling and how they decided to highlight the smaller guys in wrestling instead of just the big guys.

They gave the little guy a chance, and because of that things exploded. But all of the sudden, just when TNA was going in the right direction, highlighting everything great along with improving their heavyweight division, they fall from grace.

Why did this happen?

Because some idiot decided they had to get traditional and forget what TNA stood for. TNA is supposed to be the new generation's wrestling. Now, they are just another wrestling company.

Why take away all of what makes you, well, you, TNA? I'm just saying.

Give us back the TNA we loved instead of trying to be something you're just not! Give us the ring, give us the X-Division, and give us everything we once loved about TNA.


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