Mets and Their Foolish, Aimless Ways

Joseph VazquezCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2010

FLUSHING, NY - APRIL 13: A Mets logo inside the ground is seen on opening day at Citi Field on April 13, 2009 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. This is the first regular season MLB game being played at the new venue which replaced Shea Stadium as the Mets home field.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

The Mets refused to offer two years to Bengie Molina because of his age and fear that he may break down. SNY's Chris Carlin was defending the Mets in not wanting to offer that second year because of the age and shape of Bengie Molina. One would agree that the Mets should do everything in their power to prevent another injury plagued season from happening.

But are the Mets really doing that? Reports are saying that the Mets have interest in signing John Smoltz and Ben Sheets, two players of which have no history of serious injuries....yeah sure.

They just signed Jason Bay to a four year deal and recent reports out of Boston are that Boston originally agreed to terms with Jason Bay, but he failed a physical because of knee problems.

Now I'm not saying that signing Jason Bay was a bad thing, and I'm not necessarily saying that signing Ben Sheets to a low based salary deal is a horrible thing especially when you have a pitchers market out there right now that is lead by Joel Pineiro and Ben Sheets, who did not throw one single pitch last year. What I am trying to point out are the contradictions the Mets continue to display. A bonus to all the contradictions are the soap operas that continue to arise out of their organization.

With Carlos Beltran having to start the season on the DL for the first month or two, it was foolish of the Mets not to sign Bengie Molina. Some would argue my opinion, some have reported that it's "great patience" by the Mets. Well here is what their "patience" has left them.

Projected lineup for 2010:

1. Jose Reyes

2. Luis Castillo

3. David Wright

4. Jason Bay

5. Jeff Francoeur

6. Daniel Murphy

7. Angel Pagan

8. Omir Santos/ Henry Blanco

A weak, weak lineup which is pathetic when you have a rotation that, after Johan, consists of Pelfrey, Maine, Perez, Niese, and maybe Pineiro and Sheets. At least with Molina we would've still had a good lineup, but again they didn't want to offer the two years because he might break down. They still have interest in Delgado who is a "strong bull" maybe the Mets will offer him the second year.