Getting Bored With Fantasy Sports?

Moose .Correspondent IJanuary 20, 2010

LAS VEGAS - MAY 6:  Krista Allen attends the First Annual Fantasy Suite Block Party at the Palms Casino Resort on May 6, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Steve Spatafore/Getty Images)
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If you're like me, bored and fantasy should never belong in the same sentence. But the longer I've played fantasy sports - and I've played a lot - the less fun they are getting to be. The question I ask myself is - Is there a better way? Are there better fantasy sports options? Okay, that's two questions. Anyway, I've been cutting back because it's getting harder and harder to get any enjoyment out of it.

I'm down to maybe six or seven teams encompassing three sports, and I'm thinking of cutting back. I know people who have 20 and 30 teams for every sport and they are looking for more!! What's the deal?

So here's what I'm thinking. I was over on a message board and there was some smack talking going on between 49ers and Seahawks fans (Yes it was early in the season). I thought if you could get a league going where you have 3 fans of each team in the division, you might have something.

Not just any fans, but ones who are active on their teams message board and not afraid to mix it up a little on the other teams boards. Then you set up a 3 division league with one fan of each team in each division. Then, you make sure you announce on each of the boards who is involved and keep up with the progress on those boards. Hopefully, then, you have some serious incentive to keep your team competitive or you're going to hear about it on a public forum.

Most of the other ideas I have are more for fun than anything else. I've set up a baseball league where having Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez would definitely put you in last place. That's because it's an upside down league where at bats are good, but hits are bad. Striking out and hitting into double plays are good, while homers and RBI's don't help you one bit. 

You can't get away with having really bad players, though, because if they don't play, they don't get you points. It has to be a points league, because you can't use averages. So a guy who is 1 for 20 will never match a guy who is 120 for 550. The players are a little harder to find and so far, most of the people who have played have enjoyed the format.

Here's an idea. I haven't tried this one yet because it would require some cooperation. It would be the Socialist's League. Every week, the first place team would have to give their best player to the last place team. That would certainly change your strategy a little bit! 

I think we've all seen leagues that just count home runs or touchdowns, but I'd like to see something really creative.

Let me know what you've got.