UCONN Women Take Defending a Title to Another Level

Kevin CoxContributor IJanuary 19, 2010

UConn's women's basketball team is on a streak that has never been seen in collegiate OR professional sport.  With their recent dismantling of #7 Duke they pushed their win streak to an astonishing 57 games. They are 18-0 this year which includes the destruction of six top 15 teams.  None of which came any closer than 19 points to defeating the Huskies.  The team went undefeated last year won the National Championship visited the White House and then proceeded to pick up exactly where they left off this season. 

So what does it take for a team to win 57 games in a row?  The first item would be good coaching and UConn has one of the best in Geno Auriemma.  He has managed to keep his team focused through a season and half and not give up a single loss.  He forces them to expect more out of themselves and each other which keeps them from getting content in their game.  The second item would be talent.  It may not be the coaching it may just be the fact that the athletes on UConns team are far and away better than any other collection of them in the country.  UConn owns first place in almost every statistical category besides for three point shooting.  They make plays on offense and they play hard defense which is what makes them the most dominating team in college athletics today.

Another factor in the reasoning that the team has won 57 straight games is that they play as a team.  There is no one individual that stands out like we have seen on some other teams in recent memory (Candace Parker; Tenn and Turasi; UConn) those players stood out on those teams and were unanimously the best players in the country but this team has no one individual player that stands out as a "wow" player to the rest of the country.  They just play good fundamental basketball together and make plays when they need to which allows them to continue winning games.

That is what it takes to win 57 games in a row and destroying top 15 teams in the process.  This team is putting on a historical performance and we should all be sitting back and enjoying watching it because it may never happen again.