New York, New York! Big City Of My Dreams...

Justin HunterContributor IJanuary 19, 2010

For all of the people in this city, as far as sports, it is apparent that they are all but one thing… united. There is only one thing that they all must share and that is the beloved Knicks and as soon as Jay-Z gets the plug pulled on a new stadium in Brooklyn, then in the 3 “major” sports, plus hockey, this apple will have two worms for each. How do you make these people happy? Give them two contenders in each sport. The Knicks have been irrelevant in the NBA since this coming up summer when King James’ contract is set to expire. They wont get him and they’ll slide slowly back into obscurity.  When the Netx come, I hope somebody wakes them up so that competition can come back to the apple.The only way that anybody will care about the Rangers or the Islanders is if they land a big Name such as Sidney Crosby, Brett Hull, or Wayne Gretzky… wont happen. It’s obvious that the guys that run hockey never converse with the guys that run football to figure out what they’re doing wrong. Because I LOVE New York I’ll start and end with this: SPLIT UP THE CONFERENCES LIKE THEY DO IN FOOTBALL AND BASEBALL!!! And here we have the NY Mets, who haven’t won a meaningful game in almost five thousand years, and some how figured out how to become the most worthless pay-rolled team in baseball (aside from the Reds, but that’s a different story). The “World Champion” Yankees, until this past year has had a very dim light since last winning back-to-backs in 98-99 (one of which against the Mets). Other than those years though, the Yankees have been New Yorks most consistent team. Then we have the teams who share the Meadowlands. These teams both have interesting stories, the Jets were the first AFL team to win the Super Bowl while Unitas showed us what a two-minute offense looked like before there was a two minute drill in “The Greatest Game Ever Played”. The Giants the most recent underdog to win the Vince, were a poor example of how to dot your I’s and cross your t’s this year while our J-E-T-S have rolled themselves right into the AFC Championship.


This is what I’m getting at. As the so-called “Media Capitol of the World”, New  York needs drama in order to maintain. Football and baseball have figured it out. But we need to get the NHL and NBA on board. This will never happen but imagine this chain of events; Super Bowl: Giants vs. Jets; Pennant: Yankees vs. Mets; Finals: Nets(Brooklyn) vs. Knicks; Stanley: Rangers vs. Islanders. The sports gods couldn’t write a better script for a year in sports. Competition is what drives these sports in New York. The luck comes from boredom and an unusually large population. Even if you get the people that have nothing else to do come to the games, you could possibly sell out. What we have here is unique to every major sports city (aside from the NBA in Los Angeles with the Lakers and Clippers). When the Nets get their arena we’ll have two teams in each major sport. Now I would need clinical counselling if I believed that the owners of these teams have their teams in the city for the fans, but we all know that they do all the do for the money. With that said, they need to make a better effort (Yankees aside) to make these teams competitive. Let’s start with the Islanders and Rangers, truth be told, I don’t watch hockey but when a team is middle of the road year in year out, it’s not the coaching, it’s the talent. As a coach I know a players abilities and what they could accomplish. I know that if I give them what they need to succeed they’ll do just that. These two teams need to invest in some talent. Not only will it drive revenue, but it’ll bring back the competitiveness back to the tri-state.

All in all what I really want to happen is this:

1.       7-game NBA finals in New York. This will never happen because the NBA won’t regionalize their teams.

2.       7-game Stanley Cup Finals in New York. Once again, for some reason the League is divided by the Mississippi, which hinders the possibility of this ever happening.

3.       7-game World Series Finals in New York. Happened in ’98, see how great that turned out.

4.       Super Bowl between New York Jets and the New York Giants… Played in… You guessed it!!! NEW YORK CITY!!! This won’t happen because people want to go somewhere warm or inside for the Super Bowl. It is inevitable that this game is going to happen and the NFL should embrace the idea.

The only one of these that’s even worth conversation is the NFL (the MLB has this part figured out). It’s farfetched but I would like to see how that game turns out.