San Diego Police REALLY Upset Over Chargers' Loss

G TContributor IJanuary 19, 2010


Read below first, but then see this update from Sign On San Diego here...I see they got their story straightened out to include the guy "balling his fists", and an attempted head-butt on the officers. But, WHY were the officers called there? Oh, right, because an off-duty OFFICER text-messaged them! (Chargers fan? I think SO!) This story, and the way it sounds, makes it sound even worse to me! So, apparently, nobody complained but a fellow police officer....weird, eh?


If you see the guy in the picture in green with his back to you. He's a Jets fan. He's really happy that his Jets won the game to move on to the AFC Championship.

If he knew what was about to hit him, literally in some ways, he wouldn't be cheering for his team. And, if he knew the law in California, or San Diego specifically, it states:

If one's team wins a game in San Diego, thou shalt not cheer. If thou must cheer, thou shalt be arrested for..........

That's where our logic falls apart. That's right! We don't know what the charges will be. I'm sure resisting arrest will come up. But, the main question is: Resisting arrest for WHAT?

You can see the whole video on YouTube here.

Whilst some New Yorkers can be obnoxious at times, it's just the way they are; it's not really their fault. In this instance, he simply cheering for his team, which is one step closer to going to the Super Bowl, which depends on his team's handling of the Colts on Sunday!

One thing I can assure him of is that Indianapolis police, I believe, will not be anything like the ones in San Diego. I would know, I've tried.

If I am missing some MAJOR incident that would straighten out WHY this guy got booted, then PLEASE straighten it out for me.

However, riddle me this: Why are the Chargers fans sticking up for him?

THEN the other officer who challenges the guy below to "STEP OUTSIDE" says he "doesn't know what happened because he just got there." I guess those earpieces are just for show and these SPECIFIC punk cops (NOT ALL OF THEM ARE) are just wearing them for show.

A few might say, "Well, if you look at the guy, he looks like he's had a few drinks!"

So do many other fans at NFL games. See: Philadelphia

I would like to cordially invite the police department of the city of San Diego to release a statement about this incident. I know, I know, it may take a while for all of you to construct a bulletproof story.

Apparently, California's city police departments are REALLY prejudicial! See: Rodney King

Just remember, you can go to the game, just don't cheer for your team, ESPECIALLY if they're winning or have won.


FURTHER DETAIL: Read the comment left by Walt Bennett here in the comments section at the bottom.