What is a good home for LT in 2010?

money manContributor IJanuary 19, 2010

  As all NFL fans may know with the recent happenings in Bolt city the franchise is unsure whether or not they want to try to resign the once great LT. Even LT at this point is unsure of what he himself wants to do. With knowing this where could LT possible find a home in the 2010 season?  I am going to make a few suggestions and follow it up with a poll to see the other NFL fans standpoint on it.

My first good fit home for LT Watch Out!  Jacksonville fans here he comes. With the 1, 2 punch of Jones-Drew and LT this team is destined for a league leading season. Let’s face it there is no question in anyone’s mind that Jones-Drew is an elusive back, but with LT to back him up and compliment him Jacksonville will be able to have the two back system without skipping a beat. The play style of the two backs is very similar they can both come out of the backfield and catch, they can both break your ankles with a juke move and, Jones-Drew can just run you flat over where LT will stiff arm you. Is this a good fit?

                My second good fit home for LT Watch Out! Houston fans here he comes. With Houston unsure of who the No. 1 back is LT could be a mentor for either Slaton or Moats. Either one of these backs can be a success in the NFL all they need is some coaching and direction. Not only can LT help coach and direct them he can just give them his basic football knowledge. Also if you have a good running game it takes some of the pressure off of Schaub having to pass so often. Looking at Houston’s team they are only one element away from being a dominant team in the NFL . Could LT be the answer?

                My third and final home for LT Watch Out! Washington fans here he comes. As all NFL fans know the new coach of Washington is Mike Shanahan. With the current situation that Washington is in they cannot go into the draft trying to pick up running backs they need people in other places. Now if you look into his past Shanahan loves to run the ball. He always has a 1,000 yard back. Even though Shanahan is going to be reunited with Portis, let’s face it Portis can longer carry the full load. LT should be a lower budget pickup as a free agent. I think with Shanahan being the type of coach that he is LT would love to play for his offense. Anything could happen!