Is Ray Allen Correct?

money manContributor IJanuary 19, 2010

                Is Ray Allen correct in saying that the fans should not have so much influence on the All-Star voting? Personally I think he is right. Why should Tracy McGrady be allowed to participate in the All-Star game? He has only participated in six games this year and in those six games he has played a minimal role while playing minimal minutes. I mean this is horrible there are so many more NBA players in the league that deserve that spot on the team and, if McGrady was a real player he would say no I’m not going to play in this game. I am not just going to rip on McGrady, Allen Iverson should be doing the same thing if he wins the voting. Iverson has only played in nine games this year since returning to the 76ers and he has not posted All-Star like numbers.

                The NBA All-Star voting needs to be changed and it needs to be changed soon. First off there needs to be a certain amount of games a player needs to play to even be eligible for the All-Star game. Let’s say 25 games, leaving roughly 15 games for injury and what not. Then I think that the voting should be divided up into a couple of different ways. The coaches of the league should have 25% vote on who makes the team. Let’s face it coaches know players to. The players of the league should have 50% vote on whom they think should make the team. There are a lot of players that simply don’t make it because of the team that they are on and if the players were to vote there would be a lot more people that make the team whom deserve to. Only people who play each other can say WOW! That guy is good; it should not just be spectators saying it. I mean how many spectators have actually played in the NBA!

       Don’t get me wrong I think that the fans should be able to vote. I think it is good for the league to have the fans be involved to a certain point, But not to vote for the whole team. I think the fans should be limited to a 25% vote to who they think should make the team.  If the fans were limited to 25% of the votes, do you think that would be fair? If this happens is it really going to make less people watch the All-Star game? If it does than no one is a true NBA fan.