I Predicted Who Would Defeat The Chargers: Dam, I Hate Being Right!

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I Predicted Who Would Defeat The Chargers: Dam, I Hate Being Right!
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As game time came nearer and nearer the articles poured in. Readers  became very active posting comments and the trash talking got hot and heavy. While ingaging in these posting wars became very tempting, ( I like to talk trash as much as the next guy) I kept my poise and held my position that the Chargers were not about to run away with anything, but that we were in for a battle.... That the game would come down to the fourth quarter and possibly the last drive.... DAM! I hate being right....

Not so much about the game coming down to the final drives, but that the Chargers had the best chance to beat the Chargers. Going back to the glory days of Air Coryell featuring Fouts and company, the Chargers are the team they fear most come playoff time. AGAIN this proves to be true... 

Bronco, Raider and Jet fans are out of control in the fact that the Jets beat the Chargers. Sorry! The Jets didn't beat the Chargers. The Chargers beat themselves. This is not sour grapes but factual reality. Even in our worst performance of the last three months, they still out played the Jets. Yes, the Jets had more points but three missed field goals by the greatest kicker in history? Two of them gimmies or chip shots? Please!!!!

And lets talk penalties. Not the fact that we committed so many, some outright stupid, but the fact that the Jets ran the ball thirty eight times and had how many holding penalties? I can't recall any. My friends please read my article about "The key to stopping the Chargers" This is the exactly what I referred too. I saw four to five blatent holding penalties against the Jets and I live in Reno NV. How about the interferance penalty on a key third down. So marginal it's the playoffs! You gotta let them play but not on that play. How many times were the Jet defenders hanging on our receivers? Didn't see many flags there either....

How else did we beat ourselves, Gates missing easy catches. Rivera not sending the blitz on 3rd and goal  inside the five yard line. Offensive play calling on first down. Sure tackling Eric Weddle missing a tackle that turned into a fifty three yard run and seven points!  AND THOSE DAM FIELDGOALS....

RECAP: In a painful frustrating loss that sent the Chargers home for the season, we lose sight of the fact that they played very well and it was probably the best defensive performance of the year. Less one running play the Charger D kicked ASS! Weddle and Stephen Cooper were on fire! Cooper re established first string in my book! Don't give up hope Bolt fans, were on the verge of greatness. Four division championships is a incredible accomplishment. We are our toughfest opponent!

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