Evaluating Your Wrestler and You!

John SandersContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler John Cena appears in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Inspired by recent events, I will give you all a breakdown of what it means to be a " Good " Wrestler by example.


First, I'll give you a decent wrestler.


John Morrison:

Wrestling Skills: Good

Mic Skills: Terrible

Showman: Somewhat

The three traits that mean the most as a wrestler are the afformentioned three.. And here are the reasons why one may be more important than the other. First off, having actual in ring talent. And in ring talent doesn't mean jumping around like a spider monkey to impress fans( Kofi Kingston ) Or doing your favorite 4 move set up over, and over. ( John Cena ).

It has alot more to do with acting, Or in other words. Being able to sell your moves, and sell the opponents moves. Lets break down the afformentioned Superstar's In Ring Talent. As for being athletic he has all of the cards, But when it comes to Selling moves and setting them up, He is a joke.

His punches look as if a third grade schoolgirl taught him how to throw a haymaker and has no impressive moves that don't involve the ropes, and about 20 other variables that makes them very predictable. As for selling moves his opponents dish out.. When he sells them he REALLY sells them, and when he doesn't he REALLY doesn't. Theres alot to be said about over-acting in wrestling, and it really degrades the overall quality of an otherwise good match. That in itself can bring a very talented performer down several notches.

Onto our second factor of the day for subject #1: Mic Skills. Remember the day when most wrestlers had to pay their dues on the microphone? Remember the days of a Jesse Ventura or Macho Man Randy Savage promo? I sure do, Back when the magical entertainment ship known as the WWF was still in action. And when a wrestler picked up a mic and didn't make you cringe. Well, John Morrison undoubtedly is one of those new-fangled wrestlers. He just doesn't cut the mustard. Enough said.

And onto the third and FINAL factor of the day for subject #1: Showmanship. Theres alot of factors of showmanship, and it has alot to do with things such as knowing what to do and when to do it, when to play to the crowd and when not to, even little things as when to stop and do a rest hold. For our first subject, He has his times in the spotlight when it comes to an overall good match, But for the most part the pacing of his matches go from breakneck speed, to no speed at all in a matter of seconds.He restholds far too much for how good of shape he is in, and he doesn't quite know when to set up those acrobatic moves 50% of the time.

Lets disect this, shall we. First off when the speed of a match picks up it shouldn't drop below say, a metaphorical speed of 25 mph. Where 25 mph is 5 moves per minute. John Morrison has a problem of erratically changing the momentum of the match with quick bursts, then just as fast. Knocks it down a notch.

Secondly.. Restholds: Good Wrestlings worst enemy. When executed properly, exciting match turn. when executed poorly, terrible waste of our time. John Morrisons worst flaw: The use of sleeper holds at least two to three times a match if the match lasts longer than 5 minutes.

Thirdly.. Setting up a move such as a dive or a springboard is an art of timing and skill, Though Morrison has enough skill for 12 of us he has the timing of -12 of us, unfortunately. If they do actually connect, they connect poorly. Or are immediately dodged because the other wrestler fears for his life.


In conclusion for subject number 1:

He is a talented performer, But is still in his developing stages. As he is not terrible nor amazing, We will just use this as reference for the next two wrestlers under evaluation.


First up: The Bad

John Cena

Reader Warning: In no way am I going to use John Cena as a bad example because I hate him personally, Or have a Biased grudge against him. He is purely over pushed and over rated, If he was a mid card he would be one of my favorites.

Wrestling Skills: Poor

Mic Skills: Average to Good

Showmanship: Extremely Poor

First off: Wrestling Skills. John Cena has the wrestling skills of a first year student at a sub par Wrestling School. Example: Watch more than 4 matches of his. You will see they begin the same way, and end the same way. Unless the match stipulations are different you will see an identical match every time, Wether it be from lack of skill or a command from the head honcho, I have no idea. The verdict however: John Cena cannot wrestle with the greats, and will not be able to unless carried or learns more.

Secondly: Mic Skills. John Cena made his current career by cutting interesting and funny promos, Nowadays he doesn't shine as much there because he isn't allowed much controversy. However I still give him credit for this because he has the skill.


Thirdly: Showmanship. He does not know how to sell moves, And I doubt he ever will. He will get beat down almost every single match, and then stand up.. and manage to pull it off, showing no injury or pain.. that my friends, is a poor showman.




John Cena conclusion. Cena had great potential, but like many other greats before him was struck down. And is now as stale and boring as yeastless bread while watching paint dry. Due to the fact of his over-ratedness. I consider him the worst wrestler in the WWE today.



Second Off: The Good


Wrestling Skills: Good

Mic Skills: Sub Par

Showmanship: Amazing

First Off: Wrestling Skills. Kane has always had " It " such as those of the likes of Shawn Michaels and The Great One he has always been able to drag even the lowliest of wrestlers up out of the mud for a good match. The towering Inferno has everything, from high flying jumps off of the top rope to powerhouse moves. He has a wide arsenal and knows how to use it all.

Mic Skills: Due to the fact that he spent the first half of his career not speaking, you could expect him not knowing what to do.

Showmanship: He has always been able to get a cheer or a hissing boo from the crowd, Wether it be his timing or his insane knowledge of when to pull out a chair, or when to sit up just at the right time to get a rise out of the audience.. He has the skills to pay the bills.


Kane conclusion: Kane has always been very under-rated and under appreciated, even more so now than before. Once his mask came off so did all of his respect. Partly due to all of the humiliating storylines and defacing events to plague Kane's wonderful character over the years, We could only wish none of it ever happened as one of the greats of wrestling history fades into the backround.



This has been Evaluating your Wrestler and You! Hope you enjoy.