2010 Atlanta Braves: A Reasonable Prediction

Benjamin upchurchContributor IIJanuary 18, 2010

ATLANTA - AUGUST 22:  A view from the outfield of Turner Field during the game between the Atlanta Braves and the Florida Marlins on August 22, 2009 at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In 2010 I pick the Braves to win 95 games and win the NL East.  Of course this is made based on the following list presumptions.

  1. Troy Glaus plays at least 125 games.
  2. Brian McCann is fully acclimated to his glasses.
  3. Chipper Jones's will bounce back after an off year.
  4. Melky Cabrera's offensive capabilities will improve under Chipper's guidance.
  5. Melky's light hitting style will fair better in Turner Field's large outfield.
  6. Everyone will see better pitches due to Chipper, Glaus, and McCann.
  7. Matt Diaz will start till June.  Afterwards Jason Heyward will be called up to start.
  8. Jordan Schafer will take a bench spot for the 25 man roster by September
  9. Derrick Lowe will be determined to prove himself
  10. Takashi Saito's presence will help Kenshin Kawakami over the season.
  11. Eric O'Flaherty and Mike Dunn will improve a great deal using Billy Wagner's knowledge.
  12. Billy Wagner will have a career year with the support of the Braves organization

Here are my predictions end of the season 25 man roster

Starting Order

  1. (CF) N. Mclouth    .265(BA) 22(HR) 50(RBI)
  2. (2B) M. Prado      .310(BA) 10(HR) 55(RBI)
  3. (3B) C. Jones       .302(BA) 28(HR) 102(RBI)
  4. (1B) T. Glaus       .267(BA) 33(HR) 114(RBI)
  5. (C)   B. McCann    .298(BA) 26(HR) 105(RBI)
  6. (SS) Y. Escobar    .306(BA) 20(HR) 84(RBI)
  7. (LF)  M. Cabrera   .285(BA) 8(HR)  79(RBI)
  8. (RF)  Diaz/Heyward


  1. (1B/3B) E. Hinske   .238(BA) 7(HR) 23(RBI)
  2. (OF)      M. Diaz     .302(BA) 8(HR) 34(RBI)
  3. (C)        D. Ross     .250(BA) 8(HR) 25(RBI)
  4. (OF)      J. Heyward .270(BA) 18(HR) 62(RBI)
  5. (IF)       O. Infante   .289(BA) 1(HR) 22(RBI)
  6. (OF)      J. Shcafer   .260(BA) 5(HR) 14(RBI)

Starting Rotation

  1. T. Hudson     3.32(ERA) 15(W) 190(IP)
  2. D. Lowe        3.53(ERA) 13(W) 205(IP)
  3. J. Jurrjens     2.74(ERA) 18(W) 219(IP)
  4. T. Hanson     3.14(ERA) 16(W) 180(IP)
  5. K. Kawakami 3.46(ERA) 14(W) 178(IP)

*The remaining 19 Wins will be spread among the bullpen pitchers


  1. B. Wagner    1.64(ERA)  42(Svs)  75(IP)
  2. T. Saito        2.30(ERA)  2(Svs)   64(IP)
  3. P. Moylan      2.43(ERA) 25(Hlds) 62(IP)
  4. K. Medlen      3.45(ERA) 3(W)      70(IP)
  5. E. O'Flaherty  3.27(ERA) 22(Hlds)  53(IP)
  6. J. Chavez      4.21(ERA) 18(Hlds)  76(IP)
  7. M. Dunn        5.27(ERA) 10(Hlds)  32(IP)

*the remaining 54 IP of the expected 1458 IP (9IP * 162 games) will be pitched by the 40 man roster.