A look at Charger Fans

Charger Fan of John ParrellaContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 22:  Fans of the San Diego Chargers support their team against the Denver Broncos during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on November 22, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Chargers defeated the Broncos 32-3.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

How many of the Charger fans are Ban Wagoners? I would assume Majority that are saying: "Fire Norv...L.T. is washed up...BLAH BLAH"

Their choice, but I wonder how many of them had their Charger Gear, and were supporting the team through out the WHOLE season, instead of just showing support when the Chargers Clinched the Playoffs.

I hate to say it, but I believe Raider fan have more pride, and spirit than Charger fans. Reason why is because of this.....

1. Raider fans show up and support their team if they have a winning season or not. Where were all the Charger fans during the 1-15 season? The Chargers that year should have just as well played all their HOME games at the other teams Stadium instead of here at the Q. Stadium looked like the opposing teams Stadium.

2. Raiders have a sell out crowd, and their stadium is all black. I saw in the N. County times, and the San Diego Tribune people selling their tickets after the Chargers second loss. Not to mention a lot of visiting fans at the Q.  

3. Threat of Black Outs in San Diego. Almost every week the news was saying: "We need to sell this amount of ticket so people can watch the game." Good reason the games were not blacked out is because unlike Oakland, we have plenty of visiting fans from the other teams in solid numbers as I mencioned in point two.

4. Surrounding areas of San Diego. Where did all these fans come from the third week before the post season? Everywhere you look there was blue. Where were these fans at during weeks one through fourteen?  

And most of them are the ones with a mouthful to say against the coaching staff and players. I wonder if it makes any difference to them if the Chargers leave San Diego or not. Maybe it might be a good move for them considering the fact that MOST Charger fans are Ban Wagoners.