Expect a Boring Dunk Contest Again

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIJanuary 18, 2010

Child Please! What is the dunk contest becoming? I hate to say its becoming a show instead of a contest, but it is. Now I know that this is the Jamario Moon fan blog and I'm obviously a huge Moon fan. So I'm clearly disappointed that he's not in the contest, but I'm also disappointed in the choices.

The biggest disappointment is Nate Robinson. How many times are we going to see him in the dunk contest? Does the NBA feel bad that he was benched for a month? We know he can dunk and now its not even a surprise. We must have forgot a couple years ago when he took 1,248,932 attempts and still got way too high of score for a dunk that was OK. I love Nate but let some other players shine.

The NBA did make one good selection that I called in an early article I wrote. Shannon Brown baby! He plays a limited role on a very successful team and I'm glad an under appreciated player like Shannon will get his turn in the spotlight. The NBA probably caught a glimpse of a fan website that is pretty sick, LetShannonDunk.com. He has thrown some vicious dunks down this season and the best might have been a putback that he threw down over his own teammate. At least there will be something watch. Hopefully the costumes and cupcakes will stay home this year and Shannon will show us some intense jams.

The funniest selection I think is Eric Gordon in this dunk-off or whatever its called. This is was Eric had to say about the selection, "I was kind of surprised. I’m not really a big-time dunker. I might get one off every other game or something... My family thought I’d be in the 3-point [contest]." Nice, so now we have a player that fully admits he isn't a big time dunker and was shocked he was selected. Why not pick some high-flyers that know they are good and actually want to participate. Maybe the Dunk Contest would be mildly entertaining if we had contestants that want to dunk. Jeeze.