Wec Wins Best Threeway In a Single Division!

jason hughesCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2010

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  No ,these are not the annual pornography awards handed out in Los Angeles every year, this is my opinion on WEC'S QUANDRY at the top of featherweight division.

   Jose Aldo , the current champ, looked terrific in taking the title from Mike Brown, It was so one sided that Aldo automatically jumped on the P4P list with a bullet.

   Brown, who at the same time did not show the strength and grit that gave him two consecutive victories over WEC wonderkid Uriah Faber.

  Now it is Faber's turn to jump into this "threesome" and take his shot at Aldo, and do not be surprised if the "California Kid" brings the belt back home with him.

  While Brown did execute his sheer brute strength in taking two in a row from Uriah, Faber's style is a better match up for Jose Aldo. Faber is more athletic than Brown and more important, he is more of a unorthadox fighter who can make lightning fast decisions, not always great ones like Faber v Brown 1, with the infamous flying reverse elbow.

 And while I am not the biggest fan of his one shot power pops that he likes to use a lot, I would rather he use his incredible hand speed for combos and also givig him a better chance to transition into other moves such as setting up his brilliant wrestling abilities, a known BJJ killer if worked right.

   Yes Aldo will have his hands full with a hyperecstatic Uriah Faber, and I am predicting the upset right now, Faber is hungry.

   Enter Mike Brown again, this should give him the next shot at Faber , if he does not lose along the way, and by the workman like force displayed in his last fight, I believe that all is well with Mike Thomas Brown.

  But can Brown handle Faber A THIRD TIME ? I am not so sure, Faber closed the gap in the second fight and his hands were rendered useless. A third fight in my opinion would probably swing the way of "The California Kid". Faber just seems to pick up a little more with each fight and looks to be back to his old self again after a period of self doubt.

   Will it be enough to dethrone the juggernaut in the form of fighter of the year in too many polls to count, we will see, but I expect this to be a great fight for WEC!