Fans Cheer Mark McGwire in St. Louis and That Is a Sad Statement

Bob WarjaSenior Writer IJanuary 18, 2010

Less than a week after admitting steroid use, Mark McGwire returned to St. Louis to face Cardinals fans for the first time. He showed up at the Winter Warm-Up event, unsure of how he'd be received.

But when McGwire took the stage, he got a standing ovation. They came with cameras, smiles, and homemade t-shirts.

So are the Cardinals fans simply the forgiving type, or are they idiots? For regardless of the lies that Big Mac has told, it is obvious to any rational-thinking baseball fan that he cheated in order to hit more home runs. And let's face it, if it wasn't for homers, Mac wouldn't be anything.

While his steroid brother Sammy Sosa remains quiet, Mac has admitted the obvious, that he did steroids when he was assaulting the record books.

But what he refused to say is why. Oh sure, he indicated that it was for health purposes. And I'm sure that many stupid Cards fans believe this lie.

Likewise, he may have gotten you to believe that steroids don't make hitting home runs any easier.

Whatever you believe, the issue is clear: Big Mac was a fraud and Jack Clark doesn't need to tell me for that to be obvious.

So the fact that Cards fans gave him a standing ovation just shows how blindingly loyal they can be. They should instead be booing him and his liar of a manager in Tony LaRussa.

But there is no more loyal of a fan than a Cardinal fan. Sure, us Cubs fans continue to support a team that can't win. But I am here to tell you that Cards fans are even more blind.

And idiotic.

They are a rude bunch who can't admit anything bad for the life of them. And let me tell you from experience, they act like jerks during games at St. Louis.

But this isn't an article designed to diss Cardinals fans. Their continued abuse of ESPN's Keith Law does enough of that without me having to point out the obvious.

This piece is designed to shed light on the obvious, and that is that McGwire should never, ever, be allowed near a Hall of Fame ballot.

All the Cardinal love notwithstanding, come to think of it.