Ryan Callahan Leads Rangers To an Unbelievable Comeback!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2010

NEW YORK - JANUARY 17:  Ryan Callahan #24 of the New York Rangers chases the puck to score a breakaway goal against  the Montreal Canadiens during their game on January 17, 2010 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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The New York Rangers hosted the Montreal Canadians tonight in a game that has to make every Rangers fan out there say, what the hell!

The first period started off no different for the Rangers, as they built up a few early penalties and gave up 2 goals. The Canadians took it to the Rangers early, and as usual the Rangers looked bad. Out played and out scored again early into the game, you felt the disgusting , nausea feeling creeping up on you. Hard to hold back your feelings as you say, this team really sucks.

If not for Henrik Lundqvist the first period would have been a lot worse and this game just might have had a different ending. Montreal went into the locker room feeling pretty good with the 2 goal lead , especially when they know that the Rangers not only have been playing badly at home, but been having scoring issues for the last 4 games plus.

But as the second period started, 57 second into the period Ryan Callahan tips the puck in the net off a great pass by Marion Gaboik. The Rangers turned up the pace of the game attacking and fore checking with every shift. The Canadians were caught by surprise, and found them selves backing up threw out the second, just trying to stop the Rangers rushes.

The Rangers were non stop with a consistent flow of attacks and shots. From the forth line to the first, every player fought hard, and created chances. 8:28 into the second, Brandon Dubinsky tosses a back hand past Canadians goalie Jaroslav Halak to tie the game up with a short handed goal. This all started off the great defensive play by Ryan Callahan on the penalty killing unit. Callahan was all over the ice and had the best game of his young career.

The Rangers battled and never gave up, finding them selves tied and the start of a whole new game has begun, and the Blue Shirts would not back down, nor be denied. 11:04 into the second Brandon Dubinsky scores his second goal of the night thanks to a great pass from Vinny Prospal.

At 11:48 into the second, The players gathered together, as the pushes and shoves turned in fists flying. Sean Avery took it to Josh Gorges . The Bumbling Rangers turned brawlers had no intentions on being pushed around tonight, and players we would never except to step up, did just that.

At 15:02 in the second all hell breaks out as Enver Lisin gets hammered by a hard check. Wade can I get any worse Redden dropped the gloves against Benoit Pouliot. Brian Boyle gets a ten minute game misconduct, tempers flare and the Rangers end up with the power play.

The Rangers set the pace for the rest of the game and went in to the locker room leading 3-2. Every player on this Rangers team stepped up and played hard.

Ranger fans did not expect for their team to come out in the third with the fire they had in the second. As history tells us, this team just does not play good when they have a lead and to keep up the tempo of the second is a job all in its self.

But the Blue Shirts did not come out in the third to disappoint. They started in right where they left off. With an all out attack, hard hits and defense by Callahan , Dubinsky, Gilroy and Del Zotto. Hell every Ranger played hard, and their reward came in bunches.

At 4;56 into the third Ryan Callahan gets his second ofF a great pass from Chris Drury on the power play. Ryan Callahan is the reason the Rangers turned this game around . He never gave up when on the pk, he never gave up in front of the net, where tonight he played his game, in front. He created break-aways and turnovers through out the game.

The Rangers were not done yet as 8 minutes later Marion Gaborik and Brandon Dubinsky hook up as Gabby slams another goal in the net increasing the Rangers lead 5-2.

Brandon Dubinsky had a very good game as well. He was in the right places at the right time. Making great plays along with great passes. His three point night was impressive and equal was his play, both defensively and offensively.

The attack never ended, as the Rangers continue to pressure the Canadians, forcing turnovers in the neutral zone as Ryan Callahan again creates the breakaway and Chris Drury finishes it with the goal with less the 4 minutes left in the game.

From the second period on, the Rangers owned the Montreal Canadians. From toughness, turnovers, fore checking and goals. Henrik was awesome as always. And it was a very impressive come back and victory as the Rangers went on to win 6-2.

Rangers fans as happy as they are with the win and the performance in tonights game have to be saying what the hell! What would it take to get these guys to play with that determination and fire every game. Where have they been. Tonight they showed exactly what theY are made of. But can we as fan rely on them not to fall off that momentum and continue to play with the fire and urgency they had tonight.

The Rangers moved into the sixth spot in the eastern conference with tonight’s win. Looking at the way this season has unfolded, the Rangers need these point and need to improve in order to stay on top.

It is hard not to have mixed feelings after watching them play tonight. We know what they are capable of doing and that they can play hard when needed. But they need to be more consistent then they have been. Defense still needs improvement and the forwards need to step up like they did tonight. The way Callahan plays every night is the way we need the rest of them to play. Good things happen when they do and tonight is a good example of it. Will they turn it up and feed off of this win, we’ll find out Tuesday as they host the always dangers Tampa Bay Lightning.


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