Brett Favre: Way To Go Out in Style...or NOT!

Steve SherianCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - MARCH 06: Quarterback Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers announces his retirement at a press conference on March 6, 2008 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Brett Favre, are you kidding me?

After watching this guy drive the Packers organization to yank their hair out of their heads, then proceeding to frustrate the Jets and essentially creating a wasted season for them, I'm not surprised at all with the classless act he pulled in the waning moments against the Cowboys.

Up by 24 with around two minutes remaining against a team that had done nothing on offense in the second half: Let's throw the ball into the end zone to run up the score. Classy, Brett, real classy.

I know, I know. You took numerous beatdowns at the hands of the Cowboys over the years. On top of all of your other playoff debacles, I might add. But to do something so stupid as to tack on points against a team that will never have the chance to return the favor, because you will fade off into oblivion after the season? Please...

Can anyone tell me the last time this guy ever won a game he was not supposed to win? Can you? Anyone? And I don't mean a meaningless game in September when he may have been a three-point underdog. I'm talking an important game late in the season, or more importantly, the playoffs.

Keep looking; you won't find one. He has lost more games he was supposed to win than he has won when he wasn't supposed to. So feel comfort in knowing, all of you Saints fans out there, that you can start planning your Super Bowl parties. Who Dat? Not Brett.

Wait and see. Next Sunday, in the crazed Superdome, he will be back to the old Favre we all know. Chucking balls up for grabs, trying to be Superman, while tossing about four or five interceptions.

Being an Eagle fan, I despise Dallas, yet respect them. And to see him pull a cowardly stunt like that flat out disgusts me, no matter who the opponent was. He is a disgrace.