What's your pick? Who's Hot? Who will appear from the Smoke at the Magic Mile?

Dr. Brett SchmitzCorrespondent IJune 26, 2008

This is how my articles are going to work. 

THURSDAY: I will let you know who to watch out for this weekend based on past races, who's hot, and basically who I personally think is better than the rest on complete personal bias.

FRIDAY: I will let you know who are threats for the pole and who you should start to think of for your picks.

SATURDAY:  I will let you know who to pick in the NASCAR race as well "maybe" who I like in the Nationwide Series for that day. 

SUNDAY: I will let you know of any updates such as engine changes or people that have to go to the end of the field for any reason.

MONDAY:  I will look at the weekend that was and go over my picks and see how well they did.  This will also be a great opportunity for anyone to thank me for winning them money or getting them ahead in their various pools.

TUESDAY:  I will answer any questions you have.

WEDNESDAY:  Whatever I feel like.

This is my first article so please don't pick me apart too bad.  I won't hesitate to pick some of the competition apart at New Hampshire this weekend though. 


I have to go with someone who hasn't been necessarily strong here lately or very strong all season, but I think that you just can't go wrong picking Jeff Burton this season.  Jeff Burton use to be the master of the Magic Mile.  He might have been the last person to lead every lap in a race...(I'll check on that) and it was at this track.  Burton has run very consistently this season and knows how to get around this flat mile very well.  I guarantee he will be in the top ten at some point in the race and might even pull out a win if his team is on their game.  Not to mention his teammate Clint Bowyer dominated this race last year with the car of tomorrow(think they share notes?).  Correct me if I'm wrong(and I might be wrong), but Jeff Burton has finished on the lead lap every race this season except one(Dover), and has not finished worse than 15th this season.  That's pretty ridiculous considering the points leader had a finish of 43rd two races ago. 

This brings me to Kyle Busch.  I don't care if you hate Kyle or hate Toyota.  You have to pick this guy to be in the top 5 every week at every track regardless of his past history at the track.  Joe Gibbs has something going with Kyle right now and there is nothing the rest of the series can do to stop him. 

Speaking of Joe Gibbs.  Anyone hear that Smoke might be going to a different team(I think the target team.) at the end of the season.  Anyways, Stewart will be looking for a strong finish after last weeks idiot move of the race thanks to Kevin Harvick.  Stewart is hungry for a win and I would not like to get in the way of fat-man and his cake.  Speaking of that did anyone hear that Tony consumes like 23 coca-colas a day?  23 Cokes = Double chin.....notice how he hasn't climbed any fences lately?

Finally look for Clint Bowyer to continue to run strong.  Coming back to a track where he got his first win is always good motivation to have a good attitude.  He had a good finish last week and he will have a good finish this week.  Clint is on fire as of late and this week will be no different.

Dark Horse:  Bobby Labonte.  Why?  Just cause Bobby is always the dark-horse.  He's good at flatter tracks...I think.

Any comments or questions as to who you think will do good let me know.  THANKS!