TNA Genesis 2010: The Moment Of Truth

Ben BaileyContributor IJanuary 17, 2010

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 24:  Hulk Hogan gestures to the audience during his Hulkamania Tour at the Burswood Dome on November 24, 2009 in Perth, Australia.  (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)
Paul Kane/Getty Images

Tonight as i write this article, i sit like many wrestling fans, hoping and praying that Hulk Hogan and Eric Brischoff's influence will in some way positively influence TNA Genesis. As i look at the card there is potential for greatness, but there is also potential for great failure. Tonight is the night that we will see if Hulk Hogan is all hype, or if he can deliver what he promised us, that he would indeed shake the Wrestling world to its core. So the question stands, what needs to happen in order for that to occur.

The opening match will most likely be Amazing Red against his mystery opponent. I am a big fan of advertising mystery opponents as the mystique and awe surrounding it has often been an underlying factor in selling PPVs, however if the mystery and the surprise doesn't deliver, anyone expecting a big name will be disappointed. Imagine how you would feel if they couldn't get a surprise wrestler, and Jay Lethal or Suicide was the Mystery opponent. Disappointed I'm sure, not because of the in ring effort of any of the X Division wrestlers but because advertising a mystery and a surprise, means that you have to deliver a surprise. Hopefully TNA will debut someone young fast and furious to challenge Reds incredibly acrobatic style. ROH, PWG, Mexico and Japan are all Wrestling Gold Mines waiting to be looted by a company like TNA.

Speaking of surprises, many people have been curious as to whoever TNAs "Major Acquisition" is. Here is another area that this Pay Per View could deliver Greatness or could deliver Failure. Names such as Ken Anderson, Rob Van Dam, and older wrestlers such as Sid Vicious and Bill Goldberg are the current suspicions floating around the Internet. The latter in my opinion is a huge mistake as TNA is close enough to looking like WCW version 2 as it is, however Ken Anderson and RVD do bring their own upsides. While i have always thought that Ken Anderson is overrated, he would bring a certain X Factor to TNA and Rob Van Dam is welcome in any wrestling promotion as his in ring fortitude are something seen rarely these days. The fact is that RVD is so over i think he is one of the only wrestlers in the world who could never wrestle as heel anymore. Provided that whoever debuts, gets the time and the the proper introduction and production and is of relevance in the 2010 Wrestling industry, this may be the big moment of the PPV. Hopefully they will not "drop the ball" like they did with the horrible debut of their biggest acquisition Jeff Hardy on the Jan 4 episode of Impact.Here is the biggest babyface the WWE had last year with several items of his merchandise outselling Cena's, and they bring him in through the crowd where no one could see him, and the cage blocking most peoples view, to a terrible entrance theme and then we hear nothing from him next week. One word describes how that was handled - Terrible.

Other matches that concern me greatly are Hernandez and Matt Morgan versus The British Invasion. Was it not only three months ago that Matt Morgan and Hernandez were supposedly getting Main Event Pushes and now they are a tag Team. This is a classic booking error in that Hernandez was pert of the sensational LAX which was an incredible tag team that WERE over with the fans, WERE selling merchandise to the fans and WERE putting on match of the year candidates FOR THE FANS. So good old Vince Russo decided to break them up and push Hernandez with a silly Money in the Bank Rip off Briefcase and then bury him in the mid card, and now he has to be in another tag team back where he started. This was a waste of almost two years for Hernandez which is no fault of his own, and a roundabout way of trying to elevate someone who the fans already respected. The only way i see a good outcome to this match is if Matt Morgan turns heel on Hernandez and the two have a feud over who is the Best "Big Man" in TNA with Hernandez playing the face due to his in ring repertoire. But lets see how Hogan and the TNA creative book this one as it should be an indication of the future of TNA.

The second tag match may be hard to watch as one of the best Tag Teams in the World, Beer Money Inc go up against "THE Band". Pardon me if I'm not excited about seeing Hall and Nash Punch and Kick for 15 minutes while the newly signed Young Bucks and Motor City Machine Guns are not even on the Card. This should be interesting however as Hall and Nash have the chance to put over cleanly Beer Money and Make them look good. However with Waltman on the outside and Hogan pulling the Strings, i predict that this will not end tonight and will unfortunately be drawn out for the coming weeks.

The potential sleeper of the night will be Diangelo Dinaro against Desmond Wolfe. The former Nigel McGuinness, is without a doubt a breath of fresh air to the wrestling industry in general with his Lock Stock Guy Ritchie Personalty and his old school European style of working the arms and neck. The Pope formally Elijah Burke has prove that the WWE wasted his talents, as he has entertained immensely since joining TNA and has gotten over with the crowd in a very short period of time. If this match is given time, and avoids any Russo style ending that doesn't make us want to watch them fight again, then this could challenge AJ and Kurt for the Match of the night.

Which brings me to the Main Event. It will be interesting to see if they can top there high spot match of Jan 4 but i believe this match may be more old school and submission based. Anytime these two step into the ring you know you will be entertained however it will be interesting to see if people still react the same to seeing this since it was given away for free on TV in a classic WCW mistake. Nonetheless this should be a potential Match of the Year, but the big thing will be the finish. Will we have a Russo finish?, will we have a new debut?, will we have a screw job?, will we have a heel turn?. These are questions we ask ourselves because sometimes we expect Russo endings, but With Hogan and Bischoff steering the ship, perhaps we will get a clean finish which i believe is the right way to go. The match itself definitely needs no interruptions, and whatever post match shenanigans occur should want you gasping to see Impact this Thursday.

While this card by no means is making my mouth water, i am actually excited to see a PPV for the first time in months. TNA have delivered decent PPVs for the past 4/5 months, and i hope and pray that it focuses on the right stars, and the Nasty Boys are given the night off.