Babysteps King Mo, Babysteps Please!

jason hughesCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2010

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 "King Mo "Muhammed Lawal is a hungary fighter. He is also undeafeated , very athletic, a virtual rising MMA standout fighter who wants the finer things in life. A championship fight, a fight with Fedor and probab........... STOP RIGHT THERE MISTER!

  Did "king mo" just call out Fedor E? Well no he didn't it was actually a month ago but yes Lawal wants to fight Fedor. A couple of problems, the way i see it you have to fight against several named fighters and Strikeforce is running low in your weight catagory .

    It isn't that you are making a mockery of MMA, it's just that even if this fight happened, it would only serve as another obtsacle for Fedor to overcome as you would be labeled a can just because  Fedor would be fighting on the small end of his weight class limit. See even though you are a heavyweight, you are not a super human 285 pound at the dinner table soaking wet kinda heavyweight, so yes your a small fighter for your weight class.

  What you need is exposure my friend and there are plenty of fighters out there for you to show your awesome and lethal mixture of wrestling and boxing skills.Lets put those unknown power shots on CBS and let everybody else enjoy your sheer brute force and raw young talent, it is in there.

  Could you knock "him" out, of course, if Fujita could put him on queer street than I have no doubt that you could have the great Fedor reeling on the floor but are you ready?

   Are you ready mentally , physically you have it nailed, heavy handed and accurate you are, but what would you do in situations you are not familiar with, like getting punched, or going into a second round, or maybe even not knocking out your opponent with a single swipe of your paw.

   To be fair I have you as the best fighter in MMA that no one has seen, or at least fawned over like "bones"Jones. That could be a blessing in disguise of course, but you have to work your way up, in a organization that is thin as clouds with high class heavyweights.

  No I think you will just have to use your wrestling skills and cut a few pounds and actually rip  that already impressive frame of yours and head down the coast and see Mr Dana White, see if he doesn't have something for you in say,,,,,,,,, light heavyweight, that would suit you just fine.

  Just seeing you go nowhere would just pain me and styles make fights, and you would be a welcome addition to the best weight class of any organization in the world. I could see it now , your style of violence in the UFC, GO AHEAD, I bet they would sign you.