WWE Champion Sheamus - Prior to WrestleMania, That Title Scares Me

JSenior Analyst IJanuary 17, 2010

There isn't much about the WWE that gets me wound up enough to warrant writing these days, but the impending threat of Sheamus having to defend the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXVI has.

The biggest event in the WWE's calendar is only a couple of months away, and it is becoming ever more likely that we will see Sheamus compete in, and main event, his first ever WrestleMania as defending WWE Champion.

I, for one, have a problem with that.

Not because I have a problem with Sheamus, as a wrestler.


Not because I have a problem with Sheamus, as a WWE Champion.


Not because I have a problem with him holding the title for that length of time.


I have a problem with it because it's WrestleMania.


No wrestling event on the planet can compare to WrestleMania. I don't think I need to explain why, two and a half decades of the event more than speak for themselves.


It is because of this that, year on year Vince McMahon attempts to provide us with matches that are fitting of such a grand stage, that will live up to their hype, and will stand the test of time as well crafted wrestling performances.


For that to be achieved, all the ingredients must be there, with probably the most important of those being the wrestlers involved.


Even with the perfect storyline, perfect build up, and massive anticipation, I can only envisage that Sheamus will provide a performance that will leave a bitter taste in the mouth.


I have been watching Sheamus since his debut in the WWE, and as I said before I have found no flaw with him as a wrestler. My concern with his abilities pertaining to a WrestleMania match is his ability to summon that “big match” performance.


Anyone who witnessed TLC will probably have forgotten Sheamus and John Cena's match, except perhaps the ending. In the biggest match of his career he should have been firing on all cylinders, showing us why he is deserving of wearing that gold around his waist.


I would say he has failed to do that thus far.


At the minute his big performances are simply forgettable, and I really don't like it when any WrestleMania match is forgettable, let alone the main event. So I would question whether his involvement is a good thing.


As bad as it makes me feel by saying it, I would be quite accepting if Sheamus dropped the title.


The WWE have really put themselves in a bad position with Sheamus; either Sheamus' title run ends and all his momentum is lost, or they sacrifice one of the title matches at WrestleMania for the benefit of Sheamus.


I may have underestimated Sheamus' abilities, but I don't think I am alone in remaining speculative about him wrestling as the Champion in Arizona.