Friday Night PRIDE? OK What Is Going On Dana?

jason hughesCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2010

NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 20:  A supporter sits alone in the shade at South Africa against New Zealand in the third one day international cricket match at Westpac Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand, Friday, Feb 20, 2004.  (Photo by Ross Setford/Getty Images)
Ross Setford/Getty Images

 PRIDE FC is gone, has been , long time ago, and now it is back on friday nights but whats the angle.

  Sure I will watch some of it ,but no more than I would watch Mir break Tim Sylvia's arm or Keith Hackney punching guys in the nuts until they submit .

  Will the UFC show the great fights, or just the three that Liddell fought in that nobody knew about till they bought the company.

  I am sure they will show some of the fighters when they were young and can say look, Wanderlei did have veins on the outside of his muscles, or heah look, Fedor did have hair, or look, Cro Cop was a nasty s.o.b when he could kick Sakuraba in the head while he is already down, is that what we will see?

  Sure they could show the kids what Shogun looked like before they rebuit him, Young Frankenstein style, or how sloppy Rampage looked before he got a real trainer, I just want to know if this is for the die hards, or a poke at a long dead company.

  I hope they don't forget some of the fights that hold no UFC value at all like Frye vs Takayama, forever a classic, and how could they even fit Sakuraba vs Gracie into a single episode?

   I am sure the Fedor fight we will see will be a three second clip of Kevin Randleman suplexing him, from there backside of course, Fedor,s face is an extra 7 million easy.

   How can they show mega-star Anderson Silva get caught in a scissor heel hook, then people would find out that he has lost before.

  Will they show Pulver vs Gomi, in one of the greatest pure boxing displays in MMA history, they might if Gomi ever faces BJ Penn again.

  I am not against the airing of classic PRIDE fighting, i loved it in it's day, but I do not wish to watch a watered down version of a classic, Caddyshack without the language, Goodfellas without the blood, PRIDE fights without the soccer kicks and head stomps, no elbows to a grounded fighter, though ,that's barbaric!

  Yes there is an angle to this I just can't figure it out yet.