The BCS Buster, Maybe?

RyanCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 07:  The Alabama Crimson Tide celebrate with the BCS Championship trophy after winning the Citi BCS National Championship game over the Texas Longhorns at the Rose Bowl on January 7, 2010 in Pasadena, California. The Crimson Tide defeated the Longhorns 37-21.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    As hard as it is for us Big 10 guys to admit the SEC was the dominant force of the first decade of the millennium, or was it? I started to think about the next decade and who will be the supposed dominant conference? This led me to try and think about the possibilities of a great playoff system to help determine a true national champion, and help really decide who the best conference is.

    The SEC is a no brainer when it comes to the best of this decade, however that can be somewhat deceiving depending on how you judge the best. As far as BCS Championships go they were hands down the best. Does that make them the best overall conference, I will let you be the judge.

     I think we put too much faith into the bowl season as a measuring stick for who will be the best conference. I think by watching it over the past decade and even beyond it is really impossible to say that a conference is the best based solely on a bowl game. I do believe that Boise State has proven they can compete with anyone, but that doesn't really give their conference a boost in the national perspective.

    Many people like to look at non conference schedules as a way to determine if their conference is the best. If you looked at it from that perspective I think most would agree the SEC has a poor non conference schedule, which started to get better at the end of the decade. I find this to be a completely ridiculous way to determine who the best is.

     Most would agree that the only fair way to measure the best conference isn't by the bowl games or the out of conference schedules, but by head to head match ups of the conference champions. I think that the only way we can accomplish that is of course a playoff system. Keeping that in mind, I wouldn't eliminate all bowls just most. Revenues would have to be shared across the conferences, similar to the Big 10 model.

You have an 11 seed tournament consisting of 10 bowl sites. Keep in mind this would require everyone dumping their crazy outdated bowl affiliations, which we know will never happen, but it is fun to dream. I just wondered how everyone would feel about something like this format. I feel this is the only way we will ever know who has the best conference. Until then it is all speculation. However, if the BCS trend does continue I suggest the rest of our conferences better start showing up in these National Championships or the SEC will make our arguments impossible. Remember, I came up with this as a fun idea to talk about, let me know some of your personal ideas.

Here is my proposed playoff this would require all teams to be in a conference (yes I am talking to you Golden Domers, and the two Service Academies).

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