Rangers Out Played & Out Scored In St Louis. What Else Is Knew?

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2010

ATLANTA - JANUARY 07:  Sean Avery #16 of the New York Rangers and linesman Scott Driscoll #86 during the game against the Atlanta Thrashers at Philips Arena on January 7, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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The Rangers traveled to St. Louis to attempt to beat the Blues on the road. If you watched this game, the most frustrating part about the first period wasn’t watching the flat, non aggressive Rangers but it was listening to the announcers pretend that the Rangers actually looked good in this game.

The first five minutes the Rangers looked ok. But after that they looked out of steam and did not look ready for the fight that the Blues were about to bring to them.

The Rangers for the seventh period in a row , was not able to score a goal. I like the fact that Tortorella is sticking with Erik Christensen on the first line. But for the life of me I can not understand why he refused not to play Brian Boyle and Enver Lisin more then he is.

Three quarters threw the first Wade can I get any worse Redden hooks a Blues player for no reason/ the play was along the boards. There is no scoring threat, the Blues player was not in any position to even take a scoring shot and yet Redden as always gets the hooking penalty because he was beat along the boards. Seconds later, David Perron scores the PP goal for the Blues and that is how the first period ended.

The Rangers have not seemed to learn anything from their last three losses. The best game they played all year was against the Devils because the Rangers fought hard along the boards and was very aggressive for 60 minutes. They looked like a solid team. Against Ottawa and the start of this game, the Rangers are in no way shape or form, playing to that level.

The way the Rangers played against NJ is the way they need to play every game. As hard as it may be to do, they need to play like that to be effective. They do not have any solid players with the exceptions of Prospal and Gaborik.

Drury played better when he was on the forth line. Scored in two back to back games. But yet Tortorella is insistant to play Drury on the second line where he does nothing in terms of scoring.

Ryan Callahan is still controlling the puck. Not scoring and not in the slot were he plays his best hockey. The is no reason why Cally is behind the net. This is just stupid coaching on Torts part. I guess scoring 22 goals last year in front of the net doesn’t mean anything when he is not scoring now and controlling the puck. Hmmm!

Chad Johnson played a very good first period and the only goal scored against him he really did not have a chance to stop. He played a solid first period.

The second period started off no better. Until Enver Lisin and Brian Boyle hit the ice and created turn overs and a lot of pressure. Seven and half minutes into the second Boyle scores on sweet goal. Am I the only one who sees the difference in play when Boyle and Lisin are on the ice. The tempo is faster, scoring chances come in bunches and the fore checking is non stop.

Minutes later again it is Avery and Anisimov with Lisin who draws the penalty putting the Rangers on the PP. ALL THE PLAYERS THAT SEE HARDLY NO TIME SCORE THE GOALS AND CREATE EVERYTHING FOR THIS TEAM/.

Once again the Rangers fail to convert with the man advantage going 0-12. How can Tortorella complain about not scoring when he constantly insists on playing bums like Rozsival on the power play. Del Zotto , Gilroy , these guys can score at any given chance. This is not the case with Rosy. You just know he is not going to score. Why in the world is he on the ice for the power play. Never mind all the mistakes he has made on the PP WHICH IN TURN wasted the Rangers advantage and on a few cost them goals.

As per the announcers they have the nerve to say Rozsival is playing better. I mean the guy plays 22 minutes a game and he does not make any game changing plays or any superb defensive plays. He does nothing. But yet most goals are scored when he is on the ice. For a guy who plays 22 minutes a game he has nill on the hits department, and does nothing to contribute to any Ranger wins.

The Rangers ended the scoring brought thanks to Brian Boyle and playing against a team that the Rangers should be beating badly, the Rangers at the end of 2 are tied 1-1. As the third period started, Gabby losses the puck in the Rangers zone, and with 2 Blues Players in front of Johnson, Rolan Pollak scores from the blue line thanks to the screen. No one clears the front, allowing the puck to fly right past Chad Johnson giving the Blues 2-1 lead.

Seconds later , Rozsival gets hurt. Thank god. Maybe season ending, doubt it but I wish. , let us pray!!!! Ohh it was a beautiful check by Bacus ramming Rossy right into the beam at the end of the bench. Once again my hopes are ruined by Rozsival as five minutes later he is on the ice again. Bummer!

Half way through the third on a long wrap around Blues forward Alex Steen scores with three Ranger players around him .sure Johnson should have had the stop, but where is the defense. Unbelievable.

Sean Avery has the game of his life, goes on tv and says this is what you will get from here on out. Then he sees little ice time. Boyle scores a goal and sees little ice time. They are not given a chance to get into a rhythm a scoring streak or anything. Tortorella is just making terrible decisions since day one.

Once again the Rangers are lossing with 2 minutes left in the game. And here is Rozsival on the ice. Goalie pulled . I mean what the hell do you need to do to knock common sense into Torts head. You want goal scorers on the ice. Not a guy that misses empty netters. The Rangers lose to another team that they should have beaten. This is just not expectable and again Torts decisions does not only hurt the team in losing this game, but when the choices are made for players to be traded, those that see no ice time, will be the ones to go. After a season like this who in their right mind wants Higgins and Kotalik. Things are about to get worse in Rangers land… Rangers lose 4-1 against a team that they should have destroyed.


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