WWE: Every Wrestler Has Haters

Mackenzie HelmsCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2010

Today while I was surfing the web, I realized a very important fact:

Every WWE wrestler has haters.

I just wanted to point out that I don't personally think like this. I like each and every single wrestler below (besides Batista and John Cena) and I think each wrestler (even Batista and John Cena) below revolutionized the company in their own way.

Warning: Please do not get offended and this isn't supposed to be funny this article is just to show everybody that every wrestler has haters!

Triple H: This scumbag only wins the WWE Championship because he bangs the bosses daughter. He's also the reason many wrestlers don't get pushed.

John Cena: Words can not explain how much John Cena sucks.

Jeff Hardy: Stupid drugee who gave up being on top of Smackdown because he couldn't stop taking drugs. His finisher can be executed by 6 year olds all over the world.

Randy Orton: A child abusing, anger management needing, coward! He only knows 5 moves: RKO, Punt Kick, Backbreaker, DDT, and Uppercut.

Rey Mysterio: A overrated midget who gets wins over giants such as Kane and Batista despite being 165 pounds.

Batista: Craptista almost forgets lines every single promo he's in. He can't wrestle for crap even if his life depended on it.

Chris Jericho: The best in the world at what he does, my ass! Shut the hell up for once Jericho nobody likes you and your current position in the WWE proves it.

Undertaker: A washed up wrestler who should have retired 3 years ago. Despite being champion he shows up once every month and that too just to cut a promo.

Shawn Michaels: Also like Triple H the reason other deserving wrestlers don't get a push. When he says suck it to audiences he's only talking to the men.

CM Punk: CM Punk is a punk. A punk who forces straight edge on other people despite secretly being an alcoholic and drug addict himself.

The whole moral of this article is that every wrestler has haters. That doesn't change who they are it's just a person's opinion and everybody is entitled to their own opinion.