WWE Draft: Why Smackdown Got Screwed

Ryan Senior Writer IJune 26, 2008

Some here at the Bleacher Report feel that WWE's flagship show Raw was on the wrong end of the recent WWE Draft after losing Triple H, Mr. Kennedy, Carlito, Jeff Hardy, Umaga, and announcer Jim Ross.

I'm here to tell you that it was Smackdown, not Raw that got the short end of the stick.

First off, Smackdown lost Matt Hardy, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Finlay, and Hornswoggle and Mark Henry.  That's a lot of talent to lose. Sure, they picked up Jim Ross to replace the god-awful Michael Cole, but he won't make up for the transactions that took place.

Secondly, the talent they are getting back comes with their risks. No matter how many flashes of brilliance, Jeff Hardy can't seem to keep himself out of trouble for long enough to sustain his main event pushes.

Umaga isn't a dominant heel as he usually starts hot, then cools and disappears into obscurity soon after. He's a tremendous performer, but after a short run on Smackdown, I don't see him doing much.

Carlito has well documented attitude problems and will undoubtedly show his displeasure if he isn't given the push he feels he deserves. While he truly does deserve that push, is it worth the price of his immaturity?

And perhaps the most damning of all the additions is Triple H. Sure, on screen, he's a very over face and the WWE champion, giving Smackdown both the World Heavyweight and WWE titles right now.

But behind the scenes, he's a politician in every sense of the word. He's notorious for holding guys back on Raw, which is why reports have the Raw superstars being happy the Game is gone, giving them a chance to finally shine.

His arrival also screws over one of the best heels in the company—Edge.  With the WWE title going to Smackdown, the World Heavyweight title will undoubtedly go to Raw, meaning Edge will more than likely lose to Batista at Night of Champions.

And don't let the front fool you. He isn't moving to Friday nights for the good of the company. He's doing it so that he can be with Stephanie more often and because the travel schedule is easier for him.

If Kennedy can finally make the leap, if Hardy can stay out of trouble, and if Carlito can put in the work, Smackdown will have done well for itself. But dealing with the Boss's son-in-law is one thing they might not be able to handle.

Only time will tell if The Game corrupts Smackdown.