WWE: Don't Turn Edge Into a Fan Favourite

Mackenzie HelmsCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2010

Rumor has it that Edge is going to return to the WWE as a fan favourite.

Please WWE read this article and don't add another mistake to your already huge list of mistakes by turning Edge into a fan favourite.

Edge is a superstar who the WWE Universe hates due to his actions in the past. Possibly because of the whole Matt Hardy-Lita situation or all of the horrible things he's done such as cash money in the bank two times on a already weak champion.

Edge's character is the crazed villain always ready to do anything for a World Championship. He's done nasty and horrible things to retain or regain a championship.

Edge is one of those people who should stay heel forever due to his gimmick such as Randy Orton. He's done the dirtiest things such as have intercourse with Lita in front of a live raw audience. He also made out with Vickie Guerrero (baby barf) to get numerous Championships and Championship opportunities.

There was a time when Edge was a face and loved by the fans but ever since his heel turn in 2004 Edge became more successful and captured nearly as much World Championships as Triple H. If Edge was to turn into a fan favourite then what would his nickname be? The Rated PG Superstar?  

I feel that the whole angle with Edge's face turn is that ever since his career threatening injury he's realized everything he's done in the past was wrong. Edge will probably apologize to everybody for everything he's done to them. I find this utterly repulsive because after all he's done I'm pretty sure nobody would accept his apologies and if they do then that would be one of the most stupidest mistakes in WWE writing.

I know that some people may disagree with me since they like Edge and they want to see the better side of him for once but I just don't see Edge as a successful face. Maybe because the only reason I am a fan of Edge is because of his villainous persona. Then again this is just my opinion and everybody has their own opinion. What's yours?

Do you think Edge should return as a face or stay heel?