TNA: Impact React Vol. 1

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2010

Welcome one and all to the debut edition of "Impact React," your weekly hub for anything going on in TNA. Here I'll cover not only news and thoughts on TNA television and Pay-Per-View but also all of the rumors and rumblings that pop up through the week.

Monday Monday!

Pretty much everyone wants to know if and when TNA will make the move to Monday nights full time. You can absolutely say that the first live Monday night iMPACT was a success. They pulled a great rating going up against a seemingly beyond hyped up RAW. This is great news for TNA as it shows that people are paying attention.

However the word going around is that SPIKE feels it's a bit too early to go full time on Monday night. They're looking at doing occasional Monday night specials to go up against RAW. This might not be a bad thing as with the WWE announcing guest hosts in advance, TNA can pick and choose when to strike.

If TNA catches WWE on a bad night, fans might just switch over to see what Hogan and company are up to. If TNA can keep putting on strong matches and giving the fans something to talk about, they might be able to steal some viewers.

Generation Me

The Young Bucks made their official TNA debut this past Thursday night on iMPACT under the moniker "Generation Me." Thankfully TNA had them ditch the god awful 1980s Rockers ring gear they were using. The new black and purple really works for them and they looked great in the ring.

Putting them against the Motor City Machine Guns was a wise choice as they match up perfectly. The match seemed to be built around showing off what Generation Me can do and judging by the reaction from the crowd, it worked. TNA better push them as a serious tag team that can contend for the TNA Tag Team Championship.

The only thing I didn't like is the fact that they are no longer Nick and Matt. I understand changing the name of the tag team but what was wrong with their first names? Jeremey and Max are just horrible names for a tag team. I'm sorry but Jeremy isn't exactly a flashy name. Then again neither is Nick. But hey it's a wash because the team is damn good and really a name doesn't matter much.


OK so the Nasty Boys are a part of TNA now. That's fine with me because one would imagine they won't be pushed as a top team. Though you can argue against giving them precious TV time. If they go ahead with what looks to be a feud against Team 3D it should provide a somewhat entertaining match. If we can just get a blow off match that's five to seven minutes one with lots of hardcore plunder all should be good.

One other note, how in the hell did Team 3D hear about the Nasty Boys defiling their locker room hours before it happened? I guess people aren't supposed to know that Orlando and Tokyo are in separate time zones.

Jarrett and Hogan: As The Ring Turns

Seriously can get this any more soap opera-y? From Jarrett constantly telling anyone who will listen that he founded this company and slung it over his back for all those years to Hogan showing various forms of anger across his moustache. I'm hoping this leads somewhere good otherwise what's the point.

Are we supposed to believe that Jarrett is scared of getting back in the ring because anytime anyone brings it up he just acts like they never said it. If he really wanted to show that he'll do anything for his wrestling company wouldn't he be less afraid of... well... wrestling?

I get that Hogan is supposed to be the babyface in this situation but Jarrett isn't doing enough to be a heel. Sure he buries the young talent and hates Hogan but he's not exactly doing anything truly heelish.

Fixing the Knockouts

I'm not the first one to bring up the fact that TNA needs to do some adjusting to the Knockout division. While the TNA women's division has more talent on a wrestler to wrestler ratio than the WWE, they have a good share of women who just can't carry the load.

With so many great women wrestlers available, why not go sign a couple. After the Beautiful People get played out please drop Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich from the roster. Push Alyssa Flash and bring in Madison Rayne's indy scene tag partner Neveah. The Knockout tag division could certainly use another team. 

While they're at it, why not bring in MsChif? Chif and Alyssa Flash could do what Awesome Kong and Gail Kim did. Not to mention if you throw Kong in with Chif and Flash, you've got the making for a very explosive division.

Looking At Genesis

I have to say that Genesis is the first TNA PPV that I want to order in some time. They've got some solid matches, and a few throw aways but what PPV doesn't. The main event of AJ Styles against Kurt Angle for the World Championship ought to be a very good match. Nothing that they've done in the past would go against that.

Add on D'Angelo Dinero against Desmond Wolfe which given time could be very good as well as Daniels against Sean Morley and you have a pretty decent card.

My biggest concern is that the right matches won't be given the right amount of time. Beer Money against Hall and Nash should be a quick match no matter who wins. Give some more time to a Daniels vs. Morley or the match between The British Invasion and Hernandez and Matt Morgan.

I'm sure that Hogan and his crew will have plenty of air time but I really hope it doesn't take anything away from the matches. Granted there are a lot of matches so time management really needs to play a big factor.

As far as who the big mystery surprises are, my guess for the man going up against Amazing Red for the X Division Championship is either going to be Jeff Hardy or Rob Terry cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase. The other big surprise, Hogan's signing, my pick is Ken Anderson. If it isn't, then who knows because I really don't think it'll be Rob Van Dam.

Overall the card should be pretty good and I hope it is because that will only give TNA more momentum to use on Thursday nights. Everyone should be rooting for TNA at this time even if you don't like their product. The reason why is that if TNA succeeds, we as fans win because competition breeds creativity and excellence. 

Odds and Ends

As far as Bubba The Love Sponge goes in his interviewer role, I think he's doing a decent job. He's got a good voice and has experience interviewing people from his years in radio but he needs to stop staring directly into the camera. It's very odd to see someone talking to someone else but not making any eye contact whatsoever.

I had a bit of a problem with how Sean Morley was presented. So you give him the cheesy generic porn star music yet he says he isn't a porn star anymore. Then you go on to have him say what a success he is behind the camera and now. So why is he out there in work boots, jeans, and a t-shirt? Shouldn't he be wearing a suit to show off his wealth?

So to wrap things up on the first edition of Impact React I'll run down my TNA Genesis 2010 predictions and I hope you all have a good week and I'll catch you again next Saturday!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship:

AJ Styles (C) vs. Kurt Angle - My Pick: Kurt Angle

TNA Tag Team Championship:

The British Invasion (C) vs. Matt Morgan & Hernandez - My Pick: Matt Morgan and Hernandez

TNA Knockouts Championship 2/3 Falls:

ODB (C) vs. Tara - My Pick: ODB

TNA X Division Championship:

Amazing Red (C) vs. Mystery Opponent - My Pick: Mystery Opponent

Beer Money vs. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall - My Pick: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

Abyss vs. Bobby Lashley - My Pick: Bobby Lashley

Sean Morley vs. Daniels - My Pick: Sean Morley

The Pope vs. Desmond Wolfe - My Pick: Desmond Wolfe


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