Field Trip Diary: 1/13/10 from the NSCAA Convention in Philadelphia

Lauren Green@lgreenWPSoccerCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2010

Wednesday January 13, 2010:




Well I just got word from Laine that instead of coming in so early tomorrow morning, I can come in tonight. Sweet deal! I think I may’ve bounced a little bit.


Time to run around like a maniac making sure that everything is packed so I don’t forget something. That wouldn’t be good. And now we wait and I try not to start bouncing again.





We’re finally leaving. Laine texted me saying she’s 10 miles away from the hotel so we’re not going to beat her over there. Time for a Wawa trip too. On the road now finally, and I’m zoning out completely.


It seems like I’ve been counting down for this trip since Thanksgiving and now it’s here. Finally? Already?





We finally found the Rodeway Inn which looks tiny because it’s squished between stores. More importantly, we found parking. My parents wanted to meet Laine so they came down and we all stood in the lobby talking for a bit.


Walking upstairs is like walking through a sauna. And even mewho hates the coldcan’t stand it. Eventually (and I do mean eventually) my parents leave and I get everything situated/wait for the roll-away bed.





Well this is technically Thursday.  We finally decided on sleeping after goofing off and arguing with the hotel Internet. I barely managed to get mine to work, but I don’t know if that’s because of my computer itself being a pain, or the actual network I’m connecting to. 

The room finally cooled off after Laine turned the heat down which was really nice. I managed to get my Atlanta draft preview up which was nice. It’s up on Bleacher Report for those who would like some pre-draft thoughts and also posted up on Facebook and on Twitter.