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Michael DembyCorrespondent IJune 26, 2008

Chokovic upset at Wimbledon


Novad Djokovic, the young and supremely confident tennis star, recently stated that number one ranked Roger Federer was vulnerable after getting destroyed in the French Open final by Rafael Nadal.  The outspoken Serb had plans on dethroning the Swiss champion, who has won five straight Wimbledon titles. 


Well Novad, why don’t you try getting past the second round next time!  Djokovic was shown an early exit after getting beaten in straight sets by former number one Marat Safin.  You talk the talk, you better walk the walk.


From underdogs to…


The Fresno State Wonderdogs (Bulldogs for the uninformed) completed an unprecedented run by beating the Georgia Bulldogs 6-1 in the third and decisive game to win the College World Series. 


Although I’m not a huge baseball fan, I found myself watching this team throughout their improbable run and the more I watched, the more I felt they had fate on their sides.  These guys never gave up and survived SIX elimination games against much higher ranked teams. 


They truly deserved the championship.  One of the greatest stories in collegiate sports history.


The Scintillating Semifinal


Germany ended Cinderella’s run in the Euro 2008 semifinals, defeating Turkey 3-2.  A last minute impressive strike by Phillip Lahm sealed the Turks’ fate.  What a great game. 


Too bad mother nature ruined the experience with a storm in Austria, causing technical difficulties during critical junctures in the second half!  Because of her I missed the goals by Miroslav Klose and Turkish hero Semih Senturk and instead was subjected to clips of the fan zone and unnecessary commentating. 


Turkey will not win the Euros but, to me and everybody who has watched them play, they’ve already won.  Oh yeah, that goal by Schweinsteiger was a touch of class.  Man, I love that name, Schweinsteiger.


It’s over, Thank You


Today was the last full day of endless NBA Draft coverage.  Basketball is my favorite sport and I love watching it.  But please, how much analysis can there be?  Jay Bilas, Andy Katz, Ric Bucher, Stephen A., go away! 


How about this, let’s just let the draft happen.  Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley will be one and two.  Let’s not over speculate that anymore.  Oh I forgot, there will probably be three days of post-draft coverage too.  NOOOOO!!!!


Another great day in the wide world of sports.