Phoenix Suns Basketball: Breaking Up is Hard but Necessary

Avi ScherContributor IIJanuary 16, 2010

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The Phoenix Suns have lost again (102-101 to the Atlanta Hawks) and are now sixth in the Western conference, two games in front of the 10th-placed Memphis Grizzles, and three games behind second-placed Dallas Mavericks.

The way the Suns have been playing lately, they again can start planning their vacation for March and watch some good playoff games from home.

The Suns opened the season on fire, starting 14-3, staying unbeaten at home until the Cleveland Cavilers came to town in December and showed what the difference is between a playoff team and just a team.

I can write what we all know, that Steve Nash is playing better then is MVP years, Amar'e Stoudemire is getting better and better from game to game, Channing Frye is bombing from downtown and his shooting is helping open the defense, Jason Richardson is also playing much better then last year, and Grant Hill is the same as last year, good defense and shooting when needed.

The Suns bench is better then it has been for years, having players that bring a lot of energy, that can shoot, rebound, and play defense (better then the starters).

So what's wrong?

I'll tell you.

We don't have "the man" who will take the game in to his hands when needed.  "The man" who can make the difference on defense as well as on offense.

"The man" who will make sure that if you have a 20-point lead, you don't lose it.

Nash has been taking the game into his hands at the end of games when the going gets tough, but the Suns need more.

The Suns are not talking about any trades and are not talking about the free agents this coming year.

If the Suns could get a player like Tracy McGrady, say for Jason Richardson and Leandro Barbosa, then they would instantly become a playoff team again with a chance to go far in the second season.  McGrady is a better defender and can score whenever he wants too.

Playing the style the Suns play they would only benefit from this. Tracy is a better one-on-one player than Richardson and can shoot from downtown.

This trade works, the Suns get one more All-Star, a go-to guy, a player who can make a difference, and most likely Tracy wants to show the league that he can still play, so he would fit in great.

Now if it doesn't work, that’s also good because McGrady's big contract ends and the Suns will be able to try to get a big name to play along side Nash for his two last years.

One more player I would try to trade for is Chris Bosh. Bosh is a much better defender then STAT, a better rebounder and shot blocker, and he can also shoot from out side and is a monster on offense inside.

The Raptors know that Bosh won't be sticking around next year, so this way they can get a player who wants the ball more and is an All-Star  and might be willing to stay longer. Also Bryan Colangelo is a fan of Amar'e Stoudemire and would like him on his team again.

The Suns need a change, if not this season, then in the upcoming summer.

There are a few reasons the Suns won't make a trade:

1. Steve Kerr does not want to be involved with another big trade

2. Robert Sarver is worried about money

3. Steve Nash is happy with the Suns chemistry and even if they are not a contender, he's having fun

These reasons will keep the Suns away from a championship, and if no changes are made, we Suns fans will keep hoping to "surprise" in the playoffs when we all no that that won't happen.