Ohio State Playing Opener On a Thursday Is Just Not Right

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Ohio State Playing Opener On a Thursday Is Just Not Right
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I was in religion class the other day (I go to a Catholic high school) and my teacher was telling us what makes a religion a religion saying things like they have sacred places, sacred traditions, ect.

Then, as I started to tune him out, it dawned on me. Ohio State football is like a quasi religion except it's a lot more fun, interesting, and doesn't make me sit through half hour homilies (Sorry, God).

Think about it. We have our sacred places (The Shoe, Buckeye Grove, Mirror Lake ect.). We have our sacred traditions (Script Ohio, OH-IO, Skull sessions, ect.). We even have holy days of obligation (twelve Saturdays from September to November, then the ultimate Mecca Holiday that hopefully occurs in January).

So when I heard that Ohio State's first game next year was taking place on a Thursday night, I wasn't happy. I get that it's a night game with national exposure. I get that it gives OSU two more days to prepare for Miami. But Ohio State football is a Saturday thing.

I like getting up on game day, start thinking about game, put on my jersey, still be thinking about the game, get all worked up watching Lee Corso rip on OSU on College Gameday, watch the game, then bask in the victorious glory the rest of the day.

That can't happen on a Thursday. I have to go to school all day, stay up late watching the game, then still get up early the next morning. Then, on Saturday, it will feel like there's an empty void.

This is the first time since 1997 that OSU has played a regular season game on a week day and hopefully the last. It just tarnishes the magic and atmosphere surrounding game day.

I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I just think Ohio State has too much tradition for a Thursday game.

But nonetheless, I'll be watching diligently, much more so than Mass on Sunday.

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