John Wall: Kentucky's Phenom Freshman Is A "Freak of Nature"

Patrick MacCoonContributor IJanuary 16, 2010

LEXINGTON, KY - JANUARY 02:  John Wall #11 of the Kentucky Wildcats celebrates during the game against the Louisville Cardinals at Rupp Arena on January 2, 2010 in Lexington, Kentucky.  Kentucky won 71-62.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

WOW! That's the word that comes out of my mouth every time I see the 6'4" phenom Kentucky freshman play. I find myself asking myself a lot, "Is there anything that this kid can't do?" 

The answer is no. 

It seems to me that with every game he plays, he gets better and better. I've been watching college basketball for a long time, for about seven years, and I think that John Wall just might be the best all-around player I have ever seen play the game. 

It's not every day that a star like him comes along. So, Kentucky fans, enjoy this as much as you possibly can, because he's no doubt a one-and-done.

Wall came to the University of Kentucky with tons of hype surrounding his name. So far he has matched that hype and gone a little beyond it. Just take a look at the stats he has put up this season so far: 17.3 ppg, 7.1 apg, 3.8 rpg, and 2.1 spg. 

Once again, I say, WOW! A freshman putting up these type of stats is unheard of. Wall is really something special.

Thanks to Wall's play so far this year, the second-ranked Wildcats are off to an amazing start as they remain unblemished with a record of 17-0. 

No team in college basketball wants to play these guys, not even the top-ranked Longhorns. We all knew that Kentucky would be good this year, but I had no idea that they would be this unstoppable.

This team looks to me like it will end up like the UCONN women did last year—with the national championship and a perfect record. 

Yes, they're that good. They have to be one of the most all-around talented teams I have seen in the last 10 years of college basketball.

At the end of this year I have no doubt that Wall will be a first team All-American and be named the player of the year. 

You better not stop following Wall after he leaves for the NBA this season, though. That's because he is going be one of those players who steps in their rookie year and makes a huge impact and will for the rest of his career. 

If I had to compare Wall to any one player, I would compare him to LeBron James. Yes, I said it. He is the next King, and we will call him King John. He has a very similar style of play to that of LeBron.

He isn't scared to drive down the lane and draw contact for a foul and he will, more than once in a game, throw one down in your face. Not to mention, he can dish the ball around and shoot threes. 

The only aspect of his game that I wouldn't exactly compare to LeBron's is his rebounding ability, since Wall is only 6'4".  Other than that, he reminds me completely of the King himself. LeBron, don't get mad at me for saying that. Ha ha.

There is no doubt John Wall is one of the greatest players I've ever seen, and to think he is only a freshman is absolutely incredible.

At the end of this season I expect to see him taking home plenty of hardware, as I believe that Kentucky will win a national championship, and Wall will win plenty of awards himself, such as player of the year.